A SPAD is an unwelcome event on the railway – a Signal Passed at Danger. Keep away!

A SPAD is also a public appointee who is neither politician nor civil servant, but a politically-appointed operator – a SPecial ADvisor. Think Alistair Campbell. It was SPADs in Cardiff Bay who got blamed for WAG’s initial rejection of the case for extra Fishguard trains as “premature”. They must have been put in their place by the upcoming Assembly elections.

SPAD is also the nickname of the blogmaster of Fishguard Trains, thinking of neither red light incidents nor political spin, but of another famous Fishguard SPAD – the fragile plane from the Société pour l’Aviation et ses Dérives – that took off from Goodwick in 1912 for the first flight from Wales to Ireland.

A century later, Fishguard Trains celebrates another first  – a decent Fishguard rail service for the first time in some people’s lifetimes. But first there’s work to do.

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