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All services from Fishguard and Goodwick are displayed live here on the right, and on every page of Fishguard Trains.

Today’s departures are in the brightly coloured column.

The next two departures have times coloured white on black,

When the next departure is within 10 minutes, the time displays red on black.

Click on any departure time for detailed information.

Click once again to return to main timetable.

Times in green boxes – westbound to Fishguard and then Ireland.

Times in yellow boxes – eastbound to Swansea Cardiff and England.


All the information below is retained for historic interest only:


Services from the new station start with the new summer timetable. Click here for Fishguard Trains’ new bookmark timetable: At a glance, all trains to/from Fishguard and Goodwick.




A complete pocket guide to travel between North Pembrokeshire and six nations:

Wales England Ireland Scotland France Belgium

Published in 2011 for the launch of Fishguard’s new rail and bus services, Fishguard and Six Nations is small enough to fit your pocket, big enough to take you across Europe.

Combining rail, bus and ferry times into one easy-to-use timetable, Fishguard and Six Nations helps you cross Pembrokeshire, Wales, Britain and well into continental Europe.

Whether your journey is from Fishguard to Cardiff, Goodwick to Glasgow, Dinas to Paris or Newport Pembs to Newport Gwent, this timetable covers the world of public transport opportunities that now open up from Fishguard.

Fishguard and Six Nations has the final train timetable revisions, rail connections through Wales, England, and into Scotland and through the Eurotunnel, ferry sailings to and from Ireland, and the connecting bus services between Fishguard Harbour, Goodwick, Fishguard Square, and onwards to Dinas, Newport and Cardigan.

It shows how far you can travel in a day from Fishguard, but also reveals local opportunities: travel between Fishguard and the south of our county has become easier. Milford  Haven and Tenby are now more accessible to and from North Pembrokeshire. And Cardiff Airport is now only three hours away by train.

Where to get the printed timetable

The first edition of the Fishguard and Six Nations timetable is generously sponsored by printers Phoenix Press of Goodwick, and supported by Seaways Bookshop of Fishguard.

Collect your pocket timetable at local outlets, including:


Fishguard Post Office; Y Pantri; Tenby House; Wholefoods & Healing; West Wales Arts Centre; Seaways Bookshop; Fishguard TIC; Fishguard Library


Seafront Garage; Goodwick Post Office

If your local supplier is out of copies, ask them to order more from spad@fishguardtrains.info

How to view and print your own timetable

The current version (1.02) with the latest revisions to connecting bus times from September 30th onwards, is valid Monday-Friday until December 12th. These links open pdf files for outward and return trains. Print return trains on the reverse side.

Fishguard & Six Nations OUT v1.02

Fishguard & Six Nations RETURN v1.02

How to fold to pocket size

Fold in half so that outward trains are inside the fold. Then fold each half page in half again in the opposite direction. That makes a three-fold concertina. Finally fold the concertina in half to display the Fishguard Trains box on one side, and the FISHGUARD AND SIX NATIONS heading on the other – see the photo above.


bus replacement times here.

Previous versions

Version 1.00 is the printed edition, sponsored by Phoenix Press and published by Fishguard Trains for the service launch:

Train set-up 1.00

Version 1.01 was valid from September 12-29, the period of the initial Fishguard shuttle bus service:

Fishguard & Six Nations OUT v1.01

Fishguard & Six Nations RETURN v1.01

Fishguard Trains updates and revises the timetable online as required. Version 1.01 showed the temporary bus shuttle between Fishguard Harbour and Fishguard Square. The current version 1.02 shows the amended 410 bus service that replaced the temporary shuttle on September 30th. Note that the bus times changes on September 30 are not all for the better.

Larger changes will be included in future print editions. If you spot errors, tell us and we’ll correct them. We do believe that the new train and bus timetables offer opportunities to Fishguard and North Pembrokeshire that are limited only by our imagination. If you would be interested in sponsoring our voluntary work, we’d be delighted to hear from you – email spad@fishguardtrains.info

The Fishguard and Six Nations timetable

Small enough to fit your pocket

Big enough to take you across Europe



Trains between Rosslare and Dublin have been retimed to connect with ferries (you would have thought it was obvious). Here is the full timetable.

And here is a summary of rail and bus links between Rosslare and Irish cities: IRISH SIDE CONNECTIONS NOV 2011


departure board showing Manchester train

on time to Manchester


Fishguard trains and connections

Pre-launch bus links between Fishguard Square and Fishguard Harbour station.

Network Rail has had repeated problems publishing Arriva’s times for the 15:14 from Cardiff Central to Fishguard arriving 18:34. Follow the story here.

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