Ten Days to Shape the Times

Ten days from now, the three-week public consultation on Fishguard’s new train service will end. Not long to make sure that government hears what Fishguard has to say (apart from welcoming the new service).

first edition of Ten Days That Shook the World

to the Fishguard Station

Are you clear exactly what is planned?

How well has the new service been timetabled?

Do you think it will succeed? And what if it doesn’t?

How accessible will it be? By car? By bus? On foot?

How useful will the new trains be to you personally?

What could be done better?

Is over £4 million of tax-funded public spending being used to best effect?

In recent days, calls for the planners to brief the public at a meeting in Fishguard have come to nothing, partly because of the short consultation time. Now there’s no more time: railway timetables are finalised and published three months in advance, and it’s already less than three months until our service starts with the winter timetable on September 12th. What’s more, with the Olympics demanding every spare railway resource next summer (and with Olympic rail tickets for summer 2012 already on sale) there may be no more timetable changes for over a year. So the timetable that launches our new service in September could be the timetable for at least half of its three year trial.

Ever since former Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones startled us with his announcement that “five additional trains will run between Fishguard and Carmarthen, commencing in September 2011”, Fishguard Trains has been a vital forum for public debate, information and investigation. So next Monday June 13th, we will publish a definitive guide to the issues. The briefing will give you the information you need to make your views heard down the line in Cardiff Bay.


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