Preferred timetable – government correction

The Welsh Government Rail Unit has confirmed a timetable error, drawn to their attention by Fishguard Trains. We queried the morning train from Carmarthen at 9:00 that leaves Whitland at 9:04.

They now say “there is indeed an error here. It should be: 0850 off Carmarthen with a split at Whitland for the 0900hrs to Pembroke Dock and 0904hrs to Fishguard Harbour.”

Here is the full corrected westbound timetable:

Swansea 7.50 11.37 16.40 18.09 23.45
Carmarthen arr 8.40
Carmarthen dep 5.50 5.58
8.50 11.23 17.32 19.02 00.33
Whitland 6.04 6.13 9.04 12.44 17.51 19.38 00.48
Clarbeston Rd arr
Clarbeston Rd dep 6.16 7.33 9.19 11.31 18.07 19.54 01.02
Fishguard 6.41 7.57 9.41 13.25 18.34 20.16 01.29


That looks like the 8:50 from Carmarthen to Fishguard will be another through train from Cardiff, departing 6:42.

Fishguard Trains will look further into through service question. The government’s timetable consultation does not spell out what is proposed. That is odd, as there seem to be several long-distance services lurking in the timings – all of them good news – and we need to know!

Meanwhile, the Rail Unit thanks us for pointing out the error.

Keep checking the times …

NOTE  The timetables in the Welsh Government Consultation Documents published here on Fishguard Trains have been edited to include their correction.

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