Fishguard train trials

It’s all gone very quiet – calm before the storm, Spad reckons.

But behind the scenes, urgent talks are happening all over the place.

And here’s some previously unreleased footage of secret trials for the new train service

Fishguard train trials

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  1. Rhydgaled

    Your previous update said “The consultation on the new rail service for Fishguard will start “at the beginning of May”.” Well, I think the beginning of May has been and gone, so I’m begining to worry the new Labour governement (with no transport minister) has dropped the improved service, or at least the consultation. At this rate by the time we get the consulation there won’t be time to make up an amended timetable based on the public’s veiws, all we’ll get is a choice of 2 or 3 pre-designed timetables.

    Still, assuming they do eventually get round to launching the consultation I guess it’s a good chance to push for district line services for next year’s aniversary.

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