Lost property

Your ticket, sir?

Are you Mr B Davies? Did you recently buy a ticket from Cardiff to Fishguard, but forgot to remove it from the ticket machine at Haverfordwest? If so, this is for you.

Helen Cooke today posted this message on the Fishguard Trains facebook page:

Found: Railway Ticket! It’s a long shot, but I have found a rail ticket for Cardiff to Fishguard on 14th April for a Mr B Davies (who I presume will be unable to travel without it).
It must have been left at the Haverfordwest ticket machine, as I picked it up with the tickets I collected there on Saturday.

Thanks Helen, kind of you. So, Mr Davies, if this is you, please get in touch one way or other, and we’ll see what we can do.

By the way, isn’t it about time Fishguard had a ticket machine? Then when we want to buy Advance tickets, we don’t have a 30 mile round trip to Haverfordwest just to pick them up (or fail to pick them up). Or is that not in your long term plan, Arriva Trains Wales?

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  1. Regarding the ticket machine, just as long as it is a card-only one so we can still board without a ticket and buy on-board if we are running late and don’t have time to buy from the machine. When I lived in the Manchester area for a year having a tram depart while buying a ticket was rather annoying, and there the next one was at most 15 minutes away. Buying from a machine only to see the last train for about 5 hours depart in front of you would be very off-putting.

    Or give us print-at-home tickets so we can get Advance fares without paying expensive postage or needing a ticket machine to collect them from.

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