Seven Up! Your good train guide from Fishguard

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Every weekday seven trains leave Fishguard and Goodwick eastbound to Clarbeston Road and the rest of the world.

Here’s a quick guide to what each train is good for.



1:53 – flight path

What use is a train that runs when normal people are asleep? You might be surprised. Off on holiday? If you have an early flight, this could be just your ticket. Arrive in Cardiff at 5:01 where you change for Cardiff Airport arr 6:11, Bristol Airport arr 8:20, Heathrow (via Reading Railair coach) arr 8:25; Manchester Airport arr 9:04, Birmingham International arr 8:20. Save on overnight accommodation and sleep on the plane.

6:50 – Swansea commuter

This is your early start if you must be in Carmarthen by 8, Swansea by 9, Cardiff by 10 or London by midday.

7:53 – Carmarthen commuter

Long distance train direct to Manchester. This train will get you to Carmarthen for 9, Swansea for 10 and Cardiff for 11. It is also our morning long distance train. Stay on board to reach Manchester by 14:15. Change there for Glasgow, arr 18:01 and Edinburgh arr 18:22. Maybe you don’t often want to go to Scotland (but has there ever been a better time?). But how good is this – breakfast in Fishguard, lunch in Manchester, dinner in Glasgow or Edinburgh. And just one change.

This train was retimed in winter 2014 to leave Fishguard and reach Carmarthen a few minutes earlier at 8:43. At Carmarthen it waits on Platform One for 17 minutes – enough time to pop in the café for a snack.

9:57 – Cardiff shopper

This gets you to Carmarthen by 11, Swansea by 12 and Cardiff by 1pm.

13:32 – Wales’ only non-stop express

This is our daily fast train to Cardiff. Running non-stop from Llanelli to Bridgend, it points the way to a future high-speed network serving south and west Wales.  Fishguard to central Cardiff in under 2.5 hours is good going.

19:11 – last call for the capital

This is the last daily service that connects to Swansea, Cardiff and eastwards as far as Bristol and Crewe (but not London or Manchester).

20:53 – nos da

Our last evening train, reaches Carmarthen before 10pm and connects to Swansea before midnight.


When’s the train? Remember ten to the hour.

It’s easy to remember that five of our seven eastbound trains leave at 50-something – ten to the hour. To catch the train, be at Fishguard and Goodwick at 10 to 2, 10 to 7, 10 to 8, 10 to 10 and 10 to 9 in the evening. The only exceptions are the lunchtime 13:32 and the evening 19:11.

Through trains

If you can choose when to travel and don’t want to change, the 7:53 and 13:32 are for you. They both take you through to Cardiff, and the 7:53 on to Manchester.

Changing trains

On the 6:50 and 19:11 you change at Clarbeston Road. On the 9:57 and 20:53 you change at Carmarthen. On the 1:53 you change at Swansea. Changing at Clarbeston Road, you stay on the same platform. Bad news about changing at Clarbeston Road: the only facility is a shelter. Good news: we have not heard of any travellers being stranded there. The next train has always arrived. You’ll let us know if that’s not so.

Where can we go?

You can reach almost every corner of Britain, and large parts of Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands by same day trains from Fishguard, often with only one or two changes.

Day out in Tenby?

With three branch lines and sixteen stations in Pembrokeshire, you’d think it was easy to travel around our county by rail, but it isn’t. Fishguard to Haverfordwest would be good, but the line doesn’t connect – take the bus!  But there are good connections between Fishguard and Tenby/Pembroke, by changing at Whitland. Take the Fishguard and Goodwick dep 7:53, Tenby arr 9:43; or the Fishguard and Goodwick dep 9:57, Tenby arr 11:49. To return the 17:38 from Tenby connects at Whitland with the train to Fishguard and Goodwick arr 18:46.

Best prices

Always buy Advance tickets for the best prices, but leave enough time for them to arrive by free post. That’s why we need a ticket machine or office in Fishguard.

Best views

At Fishguard and Goodwick, sit on the left for the best sea views between Carmarthen and Gowerton.


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5 Responses to Seven Up! Your good train guide from Fishguard

  1. Swansea Jack

    Great listing there Sir! Sums up our services well.

    Could I just add that a Pembrokeshire Railcard, costs £5 and available for Pembrokeshire addresses (and some just over the border in Carmarthenshire) gives you 1/3rd off rail fares as far East as Swansea. You’ll save more than the £5 the first time you use it if you are heading to Swansea, and it is valid for a year! You can download the form here you need some proof of residence etc, and can buy in person at Haverfordwest or Carmarthen or use the post!

    Day trip to Tenby on the 09:53 – get yourself a West Wales day ranger – should be a bit cheaper than a return ticket.

  2. Adam York

    Recently returned from Barcelona to alight at the station now known as Clunderwen International before midnight after a civilised 08.30 start.Loco2 seem to be making it happen…..

  3. Marie

    Travelling on the 9.15 ferry this evening from Ireland heading to Birmingham via Fishguard. Is their connecting trains will I have to change

  4. No, it is not possible to travel from Fishguard Harbour to London Paddington without having to change trains. Use our journey planner above to get direct train times from Fishguard Harbour to London Paddington.

    • Spad

      Fishguard Trains website is dormant. Just waking up briefly to suggest that a break of journey at Cardiff can be a nice break for weary travellers. Improving refreshment options around the station, and most of the UK is one or two train journeys from Cardiff. Plus if you split your ticket at Cardiff, you might save money. Back to sleep now.

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