20:05 to Fishguard? What 20:05?

Platform indicator at Clarbeston Road ignoring the train at the platform

Ignore this train

20:03 at Clarbeston Road. The train pulls in to the platform, ready for the 20:05 departure to Fishguard – our last train of the day. And as ever, the platform indicator ignores this train, displaying instead the following 22:10 to Milford Haven.

This happens every time we change at Clarbeston for the last train to Fishguard. It happened to Irishman (see his recent comment), and no doubt it has happened to you too. Now here’s the photographic evidence.

Add this to Arriva’s continuing failure to provide timely information to westbound travllers about changing at Clarbeston for the late Fishguard train, and you wonder how passengers still manage to negotiate the information blackout to make it to Fishguard.

We are not impressed. But then, some people are never satisfied.


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