Dear Stephen …

Stephen Crabb, Wales Secretary

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Dear Stephen Crabb

Fishguard Trains congratulates you on your appointment as Secretary of State for Wales. Our website is non-partisan, but we are delighted to have a Pembrokeshire politician heading the Wales Office and speaking for Wales in cabinet.

You tenure will coincide with some momentous events, including the impact on Wales of the outcome of the Scottish independence vote and of course the general election. We take this opportunity to remind you of another forthcoming decision that will be equally momentous for a small part of your patch – north Pembrokeshire.
This summer Welsh Government will decide the future of the enhanced rail service which Fishguard has enjoyed for the past three years. This too has been a non-partisan initiative, announced by a Plaid Cymru minister, launched by his Labour successor, and used by a growing number of residents and visitors, to the great economic and social benefit of our community. Already, Fishguard generates twice as many rail journeys per head of population as Pembroke Dock. The new car park at Fishguard and Goodwick Station is regularly full to overflowing.
Surely it is unthinkable for Welsh Government to abandon such a successful innovation. We look forward to good news soon. But now is the time to correct the shortcomings in the trial service, putting it in good order for the future. The absence of afternoon and Sunday services are just the most pressing of several issues.
On your appointment you said “this government is ambitious for Wales, working to ensure Wales is at the front of the economic recovery”. Fishguard has demonstrated it is ready to take advantage of better public transport to strengthen and diversify our local  economy, and we now look forward to you supporting Welsh Government to secure this service for the long term.
Best wishes
Fishguard Trains


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