What, no survey?

passengers arriving at Fishguard and Goodwick

ignore these travellers?

Wednesday June 4th, and the 18:46 arrives at Fishguard and Goodwick. Getting off the train, one cyclist, two dogs, and numerous passengers, most from Cardiff or further afield. But there is no surveyor and no survey. Why not?

We are in the middle  of the Welsh Government review of the three-year Fishguard rail experiment. Rail users and non-users in the community are being surveyed, and passengers on every train are supposedly being handed questionnaires to complete. But while ferry passengers (who are completely unaffected by the additional trains, and who would not notice if the Welsh Government cut funding in September) are evidently being questioned on the boat trains, yet a full evening trainload of local passengers is ignored.

This is not the first train in the survey period to be excluded from the survey. Several people arriving at Fishguard and Goodwick in recent days have reported to Fishguard Trains that there were no questionnaires on the train. This evening we saw for ourselves.

So the question is, why are Irish ferry passengers being surveyed about a service that does not affect them, while local Fishguard travellers are being ignored? Can we have confidence in the outcome of the review if this is the way it is being conducted?

Who would like to shed light on this?


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