Fishguard rail review: Minister wants our views

Edwina Hart AM

whether to continue?

Edwina Hart AM today launches the government review of Fishguard rail services, urging “anyone with an interest in these rail services to have their say in this survey”.

The three-and-a-half week survey (closing date Wednesday June 18th) investigates the views of passengers, businesses and the community, including rail travellers and also people not currently using the services. Transport Minister Hart says “It is important that local people have the opportunity to shape how rail services are delivered in the area”.

The three-year trial service, launched in September 2011, ends only weeks after the government receives the survey results. What influence will the survey have on its future? “The information you provide will be used …” says Welsh Government, to inform the decision “whether to continue with the service permanently. If it is decided to continue with the enhanced service, the information will also be used to highlight how the service might be further improved”.

Nothing therefore is ruled out – including reverting to the previous near-non-existent one-a-day and one-a-night boat trains, or – can we dare to hope – an improved service, addressing the many shortcomings that we have cheerfully put up with for three years.

But first things first: the survey comes in three forms. The Community Survey is for anyone (presumably in the area of service), whether or not you use the trains to Fishguard. Access it here (neu yng Nghymraeg) and return it to Pembrokeshire County Council, Marketing, 2D, County Hall, Haverfordwest SA61 1TP by June 18th. The Business Survey is here in English, yma yng Nghymraeg. Finally there’s an on-train survey which is similar to the Community Survey, while adding questions about the current journey.

This  is more than a question of passenger numbers. All three surveys are looking for the difference that the trial service has made – to business, education, leisure and tourism. “As the current service is an experimental service”, Welsh Government tells Fishguard Trains, “we are mainly looking at what positive benefits the service has brought to the community”.

The surveys also enquire about service shortcomings – frequency, reliability and so on. But we notice that some topics are not listed, including the lack of a Sunday service, absence of ticketing facilities and overcrowding (yes indeed – see stories here on the Sardine Express). What should people do to raise matters that the surveys don’t cover? Welsh Government advises using the open response area in Question 10 of the Community Survey, and the “Other” box in Question 10 of the on-train survey. If you wish, they will also take direct submissions. Send these to Owen Roberts at the Transport Unit, County Hall, Haverfordwest.

Everyone who has used the new service since the launch knows the positive benefits to our community. Here is the invitation to share our knowledge with the government. Let’s take it.



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