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Pam Jones of Aberjazz and Folk Festival Committees emails Fishguard Trains –

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I would like to suggest to whoever will be doing the timetabling, the following ideas:

1. Train available at a time that would allow commuting to Swansea/Cardiff for work or day out, with return available from early evening and after an evening event. This could tie in with people being brought to Fishguard for a day trip or with time to spare (in town) prior to catching ferry.

2. Advertising of Folk, International Music, and Jazz and Blues Festivals as Day Out from Cardiff/Swansea/Carmarthen with trains times to allow for this. (As above)

I’m sure there are other events that could also be promoted to encourage people to use trains to come to the area, enjoy the events and bring much needed money into the local economy.

3. Quality of the trains to be improved….they are uncomfortable for a long journey and need to provide some refreshment service.

4. Reopening the station makes a lot of sense as it is a trek to get to the station at the port, carrying luggage.

Just a few thoughts. Well done to you all who are working to achieve some improvements in public transport for the area.

Pam Jones (Aberjazz and Folk Festival Committees)

Fishguard Trains says –

Fishguard’s many festivals bring music, people and prestige to Fishguard, and make north Pembrokeshire an even better place to be. They’re at the heart of the case for a better rail service, and the views of their activists must be listened to carefully by WAG and Arriva.

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