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Online rail booking site Take the train has finally learnt of the existence of Fishguard and Goodwick, thanks to the intervention of Fishguard Trains.

We recently tested nine online rail ticket services, only to find that none recognise the correct station name of Fishguard and Goodwick. Worst performing site was Take the train, which assured us that Fishguard and Goodwick is available to book tickets from on takethetrain.co.uk, the station is loaded under it’s correct name, Fishguard Harbour.

Now it has learnt of the station’s existence from Fishguard Trains, the station appears correctly on its website. Check it out here. Indeed, Take the train is now the ONLY online site that accepts the correct station name. Commenting on the situation, Take the train told Fishguard Trains, We have never received any notification of the opening of this station, which is why it was not loaded onto our site. We are not automatically notified of station openings. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

We’re left mystified at this apparently hit-and-miss effort by the rail industry to monitor its own infrastructure. Another success for privatisation?


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4 Responses to Take the Train discovers Fishguard and Goodwick

  1. Ian Hibbert

    April 2014: The London Midland ticket booking section of it’s website still does not recognise Fishguard & Goodwick!

    • Spad

      Exactly. “This is not a valid location” says London Midland’s booking app. And it hasn’t heard about Wales’ latest station at Energlyn either. So we have asked London Midland – “That’s a bit strange”, they said, and promised to look into it. We’ll keep you posted.

      • Very strange. The London Midland site looks like it is using the same ‘Mixing Deck’ engine as First Great Western, which recognises Fishguard & Goodwick. Why does London Midland’s site not have our new station?

        Despite not having FGW (Fishguard & Goodwick), the London Midland site does recognise CAI (Cardigan) as a valid location. In fact, I think all the ‘Mixing Deck’ journey planners recognise Cardigan as a valid location, despite being unable to actually provide any fare or service information for travel to/from Cardigan.

        • Spad

          London Midland have now told Fishguard Trains this was “an issue with the database. Arriva Trains Wales hadn’t pushed the right information to Mixing Desk”. At London Midland’s request, Arriva have now done so.
          So that’s good. With barely three months to go on the trial service, Arriva has now told the network that we’re open for business.
          Every little helps.

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