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Following the restoration of boat-train links at Rosslare, through ticketing has also now been restored. Joined-up thinking!

Here for example is the National Rail Enquiries page for a Cardiff to Wicklow journey this week. A choice of through fares, and a choice of routes too, as one of these services goes via Holyhead. Bristol to Wexford? London to Enniscorthy? Try it yourself.

It’s all sensible, and it’s all welcome. Now we hope that people will use the new rail-sail-rail links through Fishguard to the whole of southern Ireland. The new connecting times at Rosslare have only been granted for a few months – whether to save face in Dublin or because it’s a genuine trial we don’t know – so let’s see the service used and retained.

[and thanks to Irishman for the tip]


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  1. Rhydgaled

    More good news on the rail-sail front then. Hope they make the connection permanant, then there’d only be two weak links (the final missing connection on the Irish side and the woefully inappropriate class 150 on this side).

  2. keith treharne

    I travelled from Bridgend to Pencoed, a five minute journey, on a class 150 recently, what a racket
    It was a hot day, the windows were open and we got all the engine and track noise, I would hate to travel for any length of time on a 150. Come on Arriva Wales Trains, surely a journey of this length justifies a class 158.

  3. 87J

    Just found this website;
    Private, not official.

    • Spad

      … well worth visiting, and not just for this optimistic comment: “It is possible to travel from Fishguard Harbour to Aberystwyth by rail.”

      • It is possible to do it by rail, yes. From the daytime boat train, it takes 7hrs 56mins, reaching Aberystwyth at 21:25. In the other direction, to catch the day boat train you need to first catch the 05:14 from Aberystwyth for a journey of 8hrs 13mins.

        From the 13:20 bus from Fishguard Harbour, you might make it to Fishguard in time for the 13:41 from Fishguard to Cardigan. This arrives at 14:18, having just missed the 14:12 to Aberystwyth. So, you have nearly an hour to wait for the 15:02, which gets you to Aberystwyth at 16:57. 3hrs 37mins end-to-end. It could be alot better, if you didn’t have to wait an hour in Cardigan for example. Also, that last leg to Aberystwyth is 1hr 55min, the old X50 service, now reduced to one trip in each direction (timed for travel to/from Cardigan college), could do it in 1hr 22min. Nothing against Trecwn? Nothing against New Quay and Aberporth either, but…

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