A new kind of timetable

Fishguard Trains today presents a new kind of timetable, live online and continually updated day and night.

The timetable appears here on the right, and also on every page of the website.  It is an electronic board for Fishguard and Goodwick, listing every departure (and arrival) at the new station, and much more besides.

Beneath the clock you’ll see the whole week’s departures, with today’s services highlighted. Trains going east to Swansea, Cardiff and England are on yellow background, and westbound arrivals and boat trains for travellers to Ireland are naturally in green.

Whatever the time, the next two trains due to leave Fishguard and Goodwick stand out with white times on black background. To make sure you don’t miss your train, the time changes to red in the last ten minutes before departure.

That’s not all. Click on any departure, and you get more information – where it goes, the main connections you can make, notes on connection times (and warnings about occasional long waits), fast trains that bypass Swansea and so on.

In this detailed view, direct destinations are in Bold, destinations that require a change in Roman, and stations that trains have come from are in Italic.

Think of it as the Departure Board on the platform at Fishguard and Goodwick brought to your own computer or mobile. We hope you’ll find it useful.

One thing the timetable does not present is delays and cancellations. For that you still need Arriva’s Live Departure information here. Though that has its odd lapses – try searching for the 23:45 from Swansea to Fishguard for example.

So to plan your next trip, and to get to Fishguard and Goodwick station in good time for the right train, we think this timetable is the one to beat. What do you think?


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