May 19th: New times, new timetable

train timetable with red question mark

when’s the next timetable?

Fishguard Trains has supported our new rail service from the start with innovative timetables. Now with new summer 2013 times starting on May 19th, Fishguard Trains is going one better, and launching a live online train indicator board.

This will be a timetable with a difference – not only lots of information, but updated night and day to show upcoming departures from Fishguard and Goodwick.

The timetable panel will appear on every Fishguard Trains page, and will serve the daily needs of North Pembrokeshire travellers.  At a glance we’ll give you answers to lots of practical questions …

What’s the time right now?

Have I missed my train?

When’s the next train, and where does it go?

And the one after that?

I’m going to London next Wednesday. When’s the first train?

And the last?

I’m going to Cardiff tomorrow morning, and I don’t want to change. Is there a through train?

I missed this morning’s through train to Manchester. Can I still get there today?

The new live indicator board is designed to be of practical use to all local rail users, and to encourage new users to try the train. Once you’ve used it for a while, let’s have your feedback – does it work for you? What’s missing? How could it be improved?

So note the time and day in your diaries – May 19th: New times, new timetable.


Fishguard Trains regrets that extended engineering works mean that the new live timetable remains under absolute possession. The launch is delayed …

In the meantime there’s a pocket timetable replacement service in operation at … well, its a good question. You can’t get a pocket timetable at either of Fishguard’s stations. You could try the Tourist Information Centres in Goodwick and Fishguard.

Our new online timetable will be going live as soon as engineering terminates possession. Apologies.


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