Give Way … really?

Give Way sign at Manorbier Newton level crossing

a modest suggestion

Yet another road vehicle strikes a Pembrokeshire train, this time at Manorbier Newton.

When yesterday’s 17:09 from Pembroke Dock passed the Manorbier crossing, a car was obstructing the track. Happily, no one was injured. But unhappily, west Wales incidents of road vehicles obstructing the path of oncoming trains just go on and on.

This crossing is apparently open – no barriers, just a couple of white lines, and a Give Way sign.

Yes, a Give Way sign.

Are we being unfair to suggest that a Give Way sign may not be enough to keep some Pembrokeshire drivers out of the path of approaching trains?

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  1. Rob

    We really should do all we can to prevent accidents on the railway as they cause disruption, cost us money and people get injured or worse still die – but I’m beginning to wonder if all the devices, bigger signs with yellow edges, barriers etc. are actually making the situation worse.
    This is a kind of sign inflation – at first a 30mph sign was installed at the edge of the village up the road, then a bigger 30mph sign with yellow edging, then repeater signs and then a flashing sign which you trigger off as you approach. I’m not sure what they’ll do now that sign too has lost its effect.
    The same applies to crossings. This one may have had nothing but a give way sign but if you fitted lights, drivers would ignore them too – if you then went for barriers they would drive around them.
    I think that it’s the attitude of motorists, rather than the signage that needs changing.

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