More than that from Ferryside?

“We pick up about 6 from F&G, we get more than that from Ferryside!”

That was the downbeat opinion of an Arriva guard reported lately by Fishguard Trains regular DBJ. Are things really as bad as that?

boarding the 9:59 from Fishguard and Goodwick

well used

Without any facts and statistics to rely on, everything is going to be anecdotal for a while yet. But just to redress the reporting balance, here are three pictures from a recent Fishguard Trains return trip to Carmarthen.

The 9:59 from Fishguard and Goodwick on Wednesday June 6th. The train arrives on time, and there are already around eight people on board from the Harbour. Another dozen get on here at F & G. More join at Clarbeston Road and Clunderwen, and the result is that …

passengers leaving train at Carmarthen

even better used

… by Carmarthen, something between 30 and 40 passengers leave the train.People of all ages, children, old people, families, locals, visitors.

That looks pretty respectable to us.


arriving at Fishguard and Goodwick station car park

return home


Returning on June 7th by the 18:46 arrival into Fishguard and Goodwick, the scene if anything is even more encouraging.

About a dozen people get off, several are being met on the platform or by car, and the car park is busy with parked and waiting cars, and a taxi. It looks like any other perfectly normal station.

Exactly what we want.


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