How to use our Fishguard & Goodwick timetable

new bookmark timetableWhen’s the next train at Fishguard and Goodwick? That’s the question answered at a glance by the new bookmark timetable published by Seaways Bookshop and Fishguard Trains.

Arriva’s West Wales timetable takes 43 pages to give you the same information about every train, both directions, seven days a week through our new station.

To compress the vital information into just one side of a bookmark, we’ve created a new kind of timetable. It’s simple once you’re used to it. Here’s how it works.


That’s what it says on top of  the bookmark, and those are the times that it gives you. Think of it as the train indicator on the station platform. That shows the next three trains due in either direction. The bookmark timetable shows all fourteen trains. It does NOT show times at Fishguard Harbour, or the times trains leave or arrive at their destinations. This is a timetable to use for catching or meeting a train at Fishguard and Goodwick, and for planning your next trip to the station.


No need to thumb through endless pages to find the right day of the week. BLACK time are Monday-Friday. RED times are Saturday. BLUE times are Sunday.


All direct destination and origin stations are shown in CAPITALS. Main destinations and origins that need a change are shown in Mixed Case.


Column One shows train times. Column Two shows the direct and connecting origins of each train in GREY. Column Three shows the destinations of each train in BLACK.

morning train


This shows that the 9:59 started from Fishguard Harbour, and goes through to Carmarthen. There you can change to all main destinations – Swansea, Cardiff, London and Manchester. On Saturdays the train leaves Fishguard and Goodwick three minutes earlier at 9:56. There is no train on Sundays.

evening train


The 20:23 arrives with connections from Manchester, London, Cardiff, Swansea and Carmarthen. No through origin is shown. As it says at the foot of the bookmark, if no direct origin/destination shown, change Clarbeston Rd or Carmarthen. In this case, you must change at Clarbeston Road. The 20:23 departs for Fishguard Harbour – no ferry for this train. On Saturdays this train runs later, at 20:48. There’s no Sunday train.

lunchtime train


The 13:17 is a through train arriving from Cardiff, where you could have changed from a train from Manchester or London. It departs for Fishguard Harbour, where you can connect by ferry and train to Rosslare, Wexford, Waterford and Dublin. Note that the 13:17 does not offer either a through or a connecting service from Swansea or Carmarthen. On Saturdays the train runs earlier at 13:07 and on Sundays an hour later at 14:07.


How do you get copies of the bookmark timetable? From Seaways Bookshop* in the centre of Fishguard. A lovely 20 minute walk along Goodwick beach and up into Fishguard town.  Or five minutes by 41o from the bus stop at the station entrance. Enjoy the trip and make sure you have time for browsing the bookshelves.

* Other stockists include: Fishguard Post Office, Goodwick Post Office, Tourist Information in Fishguard Town Hall, Nichols Ironmongers

Strumble lighthouse illustrated on bookmark timetable

alight here

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