Day Two: Park and Ride

Fishguard and Goodwick Station from high on Goodwick Hill

Station on the Bay

Yesterday was memorable for many good reasons: the sun shone on the crowds gathered to welcome the first day of passenger services at Fishguard and Goodwick for 48 years. The band played, the plaque was unveiled and we greeted the many partners, official and unofficial, who made this all come true in less time than anyone dared imagine. It was a fine send-off for our new station.

Today was the first serious test. After all the celebrations, how would the service do on its first ordinary working day?


Train indicator sign

14 trains a day

Fishguard Trains took the 9:59 to Carmarthen.

The train sign on the platform displays the next three trains, and a digital speaker announces the imminent train. (Guess what Clunderwen is in Digital?)



Train arriving exactly on time

like in Switzerland

At 9:58 and 28 seconds, the 9:59 appeared round the bend. Nice one. What a shame it couldn’t be this punctual for BBC Wales’ live cameras last night.




ticket showing Fishguard and Goodwick

just the ticket

A ticket to keep in our scrapbook.  The first week for a half-century that you can buy tickets to and from Fishguard and Goodwick. (Sadly, someone in a back office has entered May 21 as the date to start selling F&G tickets, at booking offices and online. So if you can get hold of an F&G ticket dated for this week, you’ve beaten the system.)


train indicator on platform at Carmarthen

one town, two stations

A good day’s work in Carmarthen, and it’s time to head home.

The platform indicator still comes as a surprise – we really are a town with two stations.




passengers arriving at Fishguard and Goodwick

smiles better

The smiles say it all – people are getting off the train in Fishguard and Goodwick, and the sun’s still shining. All over Wales, Britain and the world, people are doing the same thing  this evening – another day’s work done, the shopping, the visiting and the busying. And now we’re back home again, off the train and (hopefully) time to unwind. What could be more normal?

six cars to meet arriving passengers

welcome home

And here’s the best sight of all. Six cars in the station car park to meet evening travellers. We have a Park and Ride station!

Fishguard Trains was particularly pleased to see a car driven by a good neighbour who only a year ago doubted that anyone would use the new services.

Welcome on board.


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