opening day at Fishguard and Goodwick


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  1. Swansea Jack

    Ben Davies of ATW caught in an animated moment there!

    • Rhydgaled

      Just saw myself on ITV’s Wales Tonight. Was one of the ‘challanges’ posed by one of the speakers, asking what the previous station re-openning was, a trick question? Wasn’t the most recent reopenning a whole line of stations, in the form of the Ebbw Vale line?

  2. anthony

    Good to see such a good turnout although shame ATW couldnt have provided us with a class 158

  3. anthony

    Yes I think it was the Ebbw Vale branch and hopefully we will see more lines re-opened such as the Portishead branch in Bristol

  4. DBJ

    Did anyone see the BBC Wales evening news feature? Pretty good I thought, except for the embarrassment to ATW of their train being late and not making it in time for the live broadcast!!!

  5. Swansea Jack

    Great report on S4C’s Newyddion too!

  6. anthony

    I am going to have another look and see since I was on the lunchtime boat train.

    I was expecting that the evening train into Fishguard to be a class 158 tonight just to annoy me since we had to put up with a class 150 this afternoon.

    • Rhydgaled

      Judging by the image that’s appeared on wikipedia, there was indeed a class 158 on the evening services. I’m really annoyed, I’ve been wanting to see a 158 on the Fishguard line for a long time, and I’m never there on the rare occasions one turns up. I wonder if this is a permenant diagraming of a 158, then if what we’ve been hearing on the fourms about the boat train is true, all our PM services will be 158s (and hence all our long distance trains except the early morning Hereford/Cardiff to Fishguard) – that would be a good thing.

      • Rhydgaled

        Opps, careless there – meant to say ‘hence all our long distance trains except the early morning Hereford/Cardiff to Fishguard will be formed of regional-express stock (ie. either 158s or 175s)’.

      • anthony

        I know what you mean and from what I can make out it looks like it was one of the last few unrefurbished class 158’s.

        Makes me wonder if it was late leaving Swansea especially sincce it was only a 2 cariage unit and the 17:05 departure from Swansea is usually very busy to Carmarthen and to Whitland as well.

  7. Tom

    Absolutely unbelievable credit to you all! You will all go far and success is near for you! It’s on the news here in bath, I am from Carmarthen and in university here! Viva la Fishguard trains!!!

  8. DBJ

    Uploaded some of the news coverage from yesterday, for those that missed it.

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