All change at Fishguard and Goodwick

train non-stop through Fishguard and Goodwick April 2011view of derelict station from train

demolished station buildingderelict station in July 2011

slewing the tracks at Fishguard and Goodwick

relaying track



site cleared ready for rebuilding
sunset after rain at station site
foundations for new station building
new station building under construction
station building facing the car park
new station sign
tarmac for the car park
station buildings taking shape
view along new platform
preparing building for painting
completed station 1
completed station 2
completed station 3
completed station 4
completed station

This is what change looks like.

And from today, May 14th 2012, we are all

part of

this change.

Welcome aboard!


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11 Responses to All change at Fishguard and Goodwick

  1. DBJ

    And how did BBC Wales news celebrate this grand day this morning? By showing pictures of a building site!

  2. Swansea Jack

    Should be worth watching Wales Today later this evening! I notice the photograph showing the track being slewed is still there though!

  3. DBJ

    Looks like they had a cameraman in the area when they were doing the initial works and using that old footage for now. Hopefully there will be more cameras down today for the grand opening. Fair play to ITV Wales news, they were down recently and did an interview on the platform with Jamie Adams!

  4. Rhydgaled

    Early this morning, I headed for Fishguard. A man joined the 06:55 ex Cardigan Finch Square at Newport, bound for ‘Fishguard British Rail Station’. Upon reaching Fishguard Harbour, I had to inform him that this was Fishguard station, he thought it was just the ferry port. I wonder if he’d have ended up in Haverfordwest if I hadn’t told him.

    Anyways, after a wait it was onto the 2-car 175 forming the 08:04 Fishguard harbour to Manchester Piccadilly to Whitland (the man who boarded the bus at Newport was apparently headed for Paddington). The train back west was formed of two class 153 (single car units). Of course only the rear one would be forming the 09:07 to Fishguard.

    Hatti Woakes, who I’d seen at Fishguard & Goodwick as I passed on the 08:04, was waiting and watching when I disembarked at the new station. Had she been standing there since 01:50ish I wonder? I think, to my supprise, that the other three passengers on the train (0947 into the harbour) remained on board and I didn’t see them again (I had assumed one would be Anthony who posts on this website as he said he’d be on that service). I noted the LED display at Fishguard & Goodwick was publisicing the Pembrokeshire railcard, and headed up to the bridge for the traditional angle photograph of 153353 making the first 09:59 call at Fishguard & Goodwick. I’ve uploaded my photos from the day on my Flickr page – leave a comment if you want a link.

    After a while, I caught a bus up to Fishguard and came back for the official openning event. We don’t seem to be having much luck with these as the class 150 arrived late, dashing my hopes of having a class 158 unit to photograph. I decided to make a dash for the bus from the harbour in the hope of catching the 13:41 bus from Fishguard Town Hall home (a very nice bus that one is normally) but it wasn’t to be, saw it leaving pretty much bang on time just before the 410 stopped. Hence, I headed back to Goodwick, where I discovered a number of the ‘officals’ present at the station openning were upstairs in the Ocean Lab cafe. Didn’t get to meet anyone else though so headed back to Fishguard on the 410 just in time to get the next 412 service.

    As for BBC Wales, I think I saw Abigail Neal there, so hoefully they will produce some decent coverage on Wales Today this evening.

  5. anthony

    I will have a look at your pics later swansea jack yes I was on that train although I have to take my camera back to the shop to be fixed after it decided it didnt want to work today.

    The weather was ok although it could have been better.

    shamne ATW didnt put a class 158 on the boat train

  6. anthony

    Sadly it seems I have managed to get myself photographed.

    Anyway glad to see teh station finallyyu open and the fruit of all teh hard work that has been put in by everyone so far now we have to see how passenger numbers hold up.

    I am planning another trip this saturday to Fishguard especially since I want to do the FGW hst to Pembroke Dock

  7. Swansea Jack

    Anthony – remember to get a West Wales day ranger if you’re travelling to Pembroke Dock and Fishguard. I found that worked out cheaper than 2 day returns using the railcard.

  8. anthony

    Yes and Swansea jack would that day ranger be valid on FGW services from Carmarthen to Pembroke Dock?

    I would have assumed yes however I wanted to check.

  9. Swansea Jack

    Anthony. According to NRE it claims the West wales Ranger is valid ‘The West Wales Day Ranger allows unlimited travel on all lines West of Carmarthen including, Pembroke Dock, Milford Haven and Fishguard Harbour.’ Nothing about it being only for ATW services from what I can see.

  10. DBJ

    “The train back west was formed of two class 153 (single car units). Of course only the rear one would be forming the 09:07 to Fishguard.”
    What happened to the other one then? Did they split at Whitland? I can’t see a service on the timetable that it would form.

  11. anthony

    The train would arrive into Whitland at 09:04 with the front carriage running to Pembroke Dock and the rear carriage continuing to Fishguard Hbr departing at 09:07 from Whitland.

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