Car park facing side of FIshguard & Goodwick Station

timbered up

The station works are nearing completion, and we’re starting to see the newly-timbered face of Fishguard and Goodwick Station. Here’s the side that faces you as you enter the car park.

platform side of station

new face to the track

And here’s the view from the bridge.

As Rhydgaled has noted, a less than welcome change is railings dividing the station building from the platform. An essential feature, or just to mark the boundary of Network Rail and Pembrokeshire County Council land?

station buildings in 2007

five years ago

Here for comparison are the original buildings, seen in 2007.

Yes, there are similarities and there are differences. For our money, the saddest loss is the chimney stack, which gave character and proportion to the original station house.

But perhaps that would have got in the way of the solar panels that Pembrokeshire’s going to mount on the new roof.

Aren’t they?

Free Parking sign at Fishguard and Goodwick Station


But to close on a positive note, here is a sight to welcome all park-and-ride drivers from May 14th: Free parking. Welcome!





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9 Responses to Timber

  1. Swansea Jack

    Was discussing the lack of chimney the other day while looking a photos of the demolition of the old one! I think things are looking great down at the station. We are so lucky to be having what will be one of the best unmanned stations in the UK from May 14th.

    • Rhydgaled

      Given the unexpectedly early appearance of the new building (if I was a betting person, my money would probably have been on nothing happening to satisfy the conservation area until the case for the service was proved at the end of the trial period) couldn’t they have tried to keep the chimney in position when they demolished the rest? I suppose it probably wouldn’t have been in the right place anyway, since the building has been shifted towards the brick one (well, the end wall was touching the brick shed before, but the building was longer then).

      Anyway, I was down there again today and took a look, and have to say I’m disapointed. One of the builders had told me that they were trying to match the building across the bridge that is a similar construction to the old station building. That gave me high hopes that, aside from the chimney, they were really trying to restore what was there. However, the broad wooden boards aren’t there on the new build, it looks to be just 2inch by 1 inch stuff, and the roof (rather than being flat and felted like the original, or coragated like the building across the bridge,) is a modern, angular corigation design (more like the industral estate buildings across the line). Have to say that the new roof looked good on the brick shed though.

      Assuming they do something to sort out the apearance of the timber and roof to properly restore what was lost, the biggest visual issue (bigger than the fence and the bus shelter) is now the ‘Fishguard & Goodwick’ platform sign in front of it. There are three others along the remainder of the platform, do we really have to have a fourth in front of the building? ‘Fishguard Harbour’ is not writen in large print anywhere at the harbour station, and there are fewer ‘Port Of Fishguard’ signs on the much longer platform there than ‘Fishguard & Goodwick’ signs on the town station’s shorter platform.

  2. Anthony

    I agree with you there Swansea Jack if I am there for opening day I will be taking quiet a few pics however I will be doing a little bit of bus bashing and visiting Fishguard Town Centre before getting the boat train back to LLanelli and then to Bridgend.

  3. Joshua Parry

    What officialy will be the first train that goes to Goodwick station? Is their a prixe for the first passenger?

  4. Anthony

    I would assume the 1st train would be the 01:50 from Fishguard Hbr to Swansea.

    Not sure if there would be anyone waiting to get it though unless they had a very early meeting London or something?

    • Spad

      Not quite. Counting from midnight on the morning of May 14th, the first train timetabled FGW is the 1:20 to Fishguard Harbour. The second is the 1:53 to Swansea. We’re going to have to get used to referring to times from FGW!

  5. Swansea Jack

    Anthony – believe me I have every intention of being there for the first train. I have battled long and hard for the additional trains, I’ve similarly battled for the reopening of Goodwick station, and have been hoping to have the chance to catch a train from there for a very, very long time. Missing out on some sleep on the 13/14th of May is a minor inconvenience believe me!!

    I intend to be on the 23:xx Swansea to Goodwick for the 01:53 back and again intend to catch the 05:50 Carmarthen to Goodwick for the 06:56 back to Clarby etc.

    I’m looking forward to avoiding the 10 minute walk along the Harbour road each time I catch a train to or from the Harbour too!

  6. DBJ

    Just seen a poster for engineering works on the Fishguard line, rail replacement bus last weekend, this weekend and next between Fishguard and Carmarthen for the night service. Any ideas? Loading trials and last checks?

  7. Swansea Jack

    Windows were going in on the new building today (Monday 23/4/12) and I notice that the lighting columns now have heads on them. Starting to look good now – will soon be fixing the guttering and downpipes on the structure followed by some chocolate and cream paint perhaps?!

    3 weeks to go till opening day – bring it on!!

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