Car park facing side of FIshguard & Goodwick Station

timbered up

The station works are nearing completion, and we’re starting to see the newly-timbered face of Fishguard and Goodwick Station. Here’s the side that faces you as you enter the car park.

platform side of station

new face to the track

And here’s the view from the bridge.

As Rhydgaled has noted, a less than welcome change is railings dividing the station building from the platform. An essential feature, or just to mark the boundary of Network Rail and Pembrokeshire County Council land?

station buildings in 2007

five years ago

Here for comparison are the original buildings, seen in 2007.

Yes, there are similarities and there are differences. For our money, the saddest loss is the chimney stack, which gave character and proportion to the original station house.

But perhaps that would have got in the way of the solar panels that Pembrokeshire’s going to mount on the new roof.

Aren’t they?

Free Parking sign at Fishguard and Goodwick Station


But to close on a positive note, here is a sight to welcome all park-and-ride drivers from May 14th: Free parking. Welcome!





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