Marina plan approved

plan of newly-approved Fishguard Marina

a new Harbour for Fishguard

Pembrokeshire Council today granted consent for the 450-berth, 250-apartment marina at Fishguard Harbour. The development will take up much of the inner harbour between the two breakwaters, and includes provision of 19 acres for future expansion of the Stena Line port.

By any measure, this is the biggest development approved for Fishguard & Goodwick in many years – perhaps since the Great Western Railway completed its development of Fishguard Harbour over a century ago.

Robert Ware, Chief Executive of Conygar Investment says “We are delighted that Pembrokeshire County Council has resolved to grant planning permission for our marina development at Fishguard. This now gives us the confidence to push ahead with preparing detailed proposals during the course of which we will continue to consult with all relevant parties and address any remaining issues that may still be of concern.”

detail of Marina plan showing station

A Marina with a Station

The permission granted today is still in outline. Ware explains: “our detailed planning submissions will incorporate a Landmark Visitor Centre with associated parking for cars and coaches, which we believe will attract significant numbers of all year round visitors including those travelling to and from Ireland.”

With a brand new station just yards from the Marina entrance, we hope that Conygar will also realise the potential of rail. Not every yacht arriving at Fishguard will have a car waiting on the quayside. And Fishguard and Goodwick will be one of very few UK stations with a direct exit to a  marina.

Jobs – economic regeneration – tourism – housing – visitor attractions – it’s a promising and exciting mix. Let’s make sure that our new transport hub is built into the heart of the detailed plans.


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5 Responses to Marina plan approved

  1. DBJ

    See some previous comments I made on this topic…seems more than co-incidence that the improved rail service has come about when these plans were in the works. A smart move in anticipation of increased visitor numbers? Or a sweetener in anticipation of local objections? Depends how cynical you are!

  2. Swansea Jack

    It has been shown on numerous occasions that getting modal shift to public transport once travel patterns are established is difficult. Putting the public transport infrastructure in place before development always improves the take-up of public transport options.

    I don’t see the link with the additional trains over the marina development – after all development of the marina has been on and off for years. It might go towards explaining the erection of the replica building however, as that isn’t strictly necessary for the station reopening, and I was surprised that the money was found in such difficult economic times for that section of the work.

    Overall however it is a win- win situation – the marina development should add to passenger numbers through the new station, and on the trains, while the improved public transport links to Goodwick will make the marina far more accessible, which should help that development too.

  3. Chris B

    Well, lets all toast the huge White Elephant that is CONygars Marina. Just have a look at Milford Haven (and many others), that too has shops and Cafe’s that nobody uses (particulary the local community, as they are TOO EXPENSIVE). And as for 240+ apartments??, who are these for? (No social housing then, as ‘they’, will not want the likes of us in thier shiny Marina). Marinas are in trouble all over the UK, due to the economic downturn, and still this is a ‘good’ for our local economy…….er, not really. The marina will be more or less self contained, and in general, most boats only get used a few times a year. (go and have a look at some other marinas, and see how many boats never even move off thier berths), so the owners will be down for a short weekend, staying on the boat or in thier marina apartment, with a quick dash to Tesco Express, to stock up on supplies. Tourist Attraction?, only if you like looking at boats.
    The only people who will gain from this development, are the Developers. They will be charging a hefty berthing fee, inflated service charges for the apartment owners, and excessive rents for the retail outlets. In other words, not a lot for you or me, or our economy. (unless they are going to donate all thier profits to the regeneration of Fishguard and Goodwick……No, did’nt think the shareholders would go for that).
    There also seems to be some very inflated job figures being banded about by the developers.
    Anyway, lets all enjoy the view in a few years, of run down, tatty, tenament blocks, on the seashore.

  4. Mandi Abrahams

    The Holyhead Harbour development proposed by Conygar Stena received approval (7 councillors voted) last Wednesday 6th June. Holyhead residents are to continue a vigorous campaign against the current proposals, not least to establish a clear legal responsibility for the Great Breakwater which needs urgent maintenance. Conygar has had approval for a lorry park in Holyhead for the last two years that is supposed to create 70 jobs but nothing has been started. Do get in touch if you are concerned about these investment company plans on 01407 810027 Join us on Facebook.

  5. Klaus Phol

    When will the construction start?.

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