Wdig neu Gwdig?

Main station sign at Fishguard and Goodwick

Wdig 1, Gwdig 0

Is it Abergwaun ac Wdig or Abergwaun a Gwdig? What’s the Welsh name of our new station?

Arriva Route Map showing new station

Wdig 1, Gwdig 1

With less than a month until it opens, you’d think something this basic would have been sorted out long ago. Far from it.

Arriva West Wales timetable

Wdig 1, Gwdig 2

There is now total confusion over the name of the place served by our new station.

The splendid roadside sign on Station Hill proclaims Abergwaun ac Wdig.

Meanwhile Arriva’s new route map displays Abergwaun a Gwdig.

Hedging its bets, Arriva’s newly published West Wales Timetable manages to have it both ways.

Arriva West Wales timetable

Wdig 2, Gwdig 2

The list of stations served gives Abergwaun a Gwdig, while the timetable sections a few pages later use Abergwaun ac Wdig.

Before you ask, National Rail Enquiries avoids the dilemma completely: Fishguard and Goodwick, Abergwaun ac Wdig and Abergwaun a Gwdig are all still completely missing from its Journey Planner.

Road sign at entrance to Goodwick

Wdig 3, Gwdig 2

So what’s the right name for our twin towns? Here’s a clue: the road sign as you reach Goodwick gives Wdig in black and white.

Ysgol Wdig website

Wdig 4, Gwdig 2

And if you’re thinking it’s time someone went back to school to learn the name of our home town, just send them to Ysgol Wdig.


Does any of this matter? Yes of course. Public services in a bilingual country should not have to be told to name our towns correctly. It is a matter of basic competence and respect.



UPDATE April 22nd

Goodwick Councillor Moira Lewis assures Fishguard Trains“The correct name is Wdig. Therefore it should say Abergwaun ac Wdig”.



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