new bus shelter at Fishguard and Goodwick Station

spot the problem

The brand new bus shelter at Fishguard & Goodwick Station – part of our exciting new transport interchange, a refuge from the rain while you wait for your connection, and a raised pavement for level access to the bus –  what could possibly be wrong with that?

bus shelter obstructing raised pavement

no entry

Just this: the shelter obstructs the raised pavement. To get on and off the bus you have to walk round the shelter to the normal low kerb.


Bus shelters aren’t a new invention. Neither are raised kerbs. Put the two together, and you make a modest improvement to the business of bus travel. So we can’t believe that the planners couldn’t find a way to make the two parts work nicely together.

Hands up please – who’s responsible, and more importantly, who’s going to put it right?

(Many thanks to Dave the coffee man for keeping his eyes open).


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2 Responses to Oops!

  1. Rhydgaled

    Turn the shelter around, so the solid wall faces the sea, that should solve the problem. Or just remove the shelter, with only one wall you’re going to get wet anyway if the wind blows from any of the other three sides.

    It looks ok from the first picture, there’s a bit of a gap between the shelter and the edge of the curb. That gap wouldn’t be wide enough for a wheelchair though, which I guess is the main point of the raised curbs. What a careless design.

  2. Anthony

    I agree they did something similar to this with the bus shelter opposite my house before someone from the community council told them and the local authority came back and turned the shelter around.

    That bus shelter doesnt look like it would be much help if the wind and rain is blowing from the sea does it I wondrr who’s idea in the local council was it to place the shelter that way round?

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