new bus shelter at Fishguard and Goodwick Station

spot the problem

The brand new bus shelter at Fishguard & Goodwick Station – part of our exciting new transport interchange, a refuge from the rain while you wait for your connection, and a raised pavement for level access to the bus -  what could possibly be wrong with that?

bus shelter obstructing raised pavement

no entry

Just this: the shelter obstructs the raised pavement. To get on and off the bus you have to walk round the shelter to the normal low kerb.


Bus shelters aren’t a new invention. Neither are raised kerbs. Put the two together, and you make a modest improvement to the business of bus travel. So we can’t believe that the planners couldn’t find a way to make the two parts work nicely together.

Hands up please – who’s responsible, and more importantly, who’s going to put it right?

(Many thanks to Dave the coffee man for keeping his eyes open).


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