Boys from the Blackstuff

tarmac unloaded for surfacing car park at station

Gizza job!

The tarmac arrived today. It’s the best single way of making Fishguard & Goodwick an integrated transport centre.

The boys from the blackstuff worked in bright spring sunshine to surface the car park and make the station accessible and appealing to travellers throughout north Pembrokeshire.

surfacing the car park

I can do that!

23 spaces (including disabled slots) will be provided from the start, “but that can be expanded hugely” confirmed a Pembrokeshire CC engineer to Fishguard Trains. So if car users provide the demand, the local authority will increase the supply.

Hopefully Pembrokeshire CC would not do anything as short-sighted as limiting station parking to 24 hours. That would exclude anyone parking for a night away in Cardiff or London, let alone weekend car/rail travellers who will still have to juggle with the restricted Sunday service. Please tell us it isn’t true?


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  1. Rhydgaled

    It is nice to see some more progress, but as you know I’m more interested in making Fishguard & Goodwick an integrated PUBLIC transport centre. The more I think about it, the more I believe that the only way to do that involves a waiting room in either the brick building (just a bare interior (with doors the public can close to keep the wind out) with a couple of wood/plastic benches) or the new wooden structure (much more invitingly furnised, but can you avoid vandalism given that it would be unstaffed?).

    The only alternative is to run more buses to the harbour, and make that the public transport hub with Goodwick being the station for car users and Goodwick residents who can walk there. If you want to make the buses connect sufficently well at Goodwick that you don’t need a waiting room, then other connections will suffer to the extent that they need a waiting room instead, and all but one of those other locations (the exception being Fishguard town hall) don’t have ideally suituated structures that could be used as waiting rooms.

  2. Swansea Jack

    I understand that there will be no problem over leaving the car longer than 24 hours. Apparently the same legal notice applies at H’West and cars left for a few days there have no issues.

    ” With reference to’maximum period for which a vehicle may wait’ – for 24 hours means that within any 24 hour period a vehicle may wait for 24 hours. This means that a car can wait there all day, any day, including successive days. It doesn’t mean that the car must move on after 24 hours.”

    • Rhydgaled

      Just to confirm I’m reading you correctly, Swansea Jack, a car parked at Fishguard & Goodwick is permitted to be parked there for an unlimited duration? If so, and assuming it will be free to park there, things are looking good for the car – rail link at Fishguard & Goodwick.

      I’ve just realised that, at least for the station’s openning day, it is unlikely that we will see any changes to the bus services, since Richards Bros will be unable to give the required 56 days notice.

      Regardless, to provide a 7-minute connection into the 08:07 from Fishguard & Goodwick would mean the bus from Cardigan that currently goes to the harbour to meet the 08:04 train wouldn’t depart towards Haverfordwest from Fishguard town hall until about 08:10, too late. Therefore, unless a waiting room of some discription appears at Fishguard & Goodwick, it is better that bus continues to go to the harbour at roughly the same time anyway.

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