Signs of our times

newly installed station sign at Fishguard and Goodwick

new day, new sign

There’s no mistaking today’s new sign in the Pembrokeshire sunshine: Abergwaun ac Wdig – Fishguard and Goodwick. A new station is about to open, and here’s where it is.

Today’s arrival is the latest in a series of new features on site – lighting posts, station information panel, and on the new station bus stops, bus timetables.

timetables in the new bus stop at Fishguard and Goodwick Station


Last October, Fishguard Trains regular Swansea Jack recalled Jimmy Saville’s BR slogan, ‘We’re getting there!’ That seems a reasonable verdict on progress at our new station, which so far seems to exceed all our expectations.

Meanwhile, like Rhydgaled, we are suspending judgment on the new timetable for Fishguard and Goodwick, starting on May 14th. There are significant changes to the existing service which will ripple down the line far beyond Fishguard. Once we’ve seen the full timetable, we’ll be able to comment.

How about it then, Arriva? It’s only a month and a half until May 14th. Time to give us the times!


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  1. Anthony

    Good to see the new station sign now Arriva should hurry up and publish the new timetables.

    I am particulary interested in the new afternoon service from Cardiff at 16:04 50 minutes later than the current service but more chance of a class 158 being used rather than a class 150

  2. Swansea Jack

    Great to see the BR arrow sign is now in place! I gather the signs are also in place on the platform too.

    Anthony – agreed, it will be good if the 16:04 off Cardiff is a 158 – better than a noisy and draughty class 150 – especially as that train sees a fair proportion of long distance travellers, for which a 158 is more appropriate.

  3. DBJ

    I had a spin on a newly refurbished 158 yesterday with my bike, massive improvement on the tatty silver versions that were doing the rounds, and good cycle storage too. In some ways even more comfortable than the 175’s so let’s hope they are a more regular feature at Fishguard. Great to see the sign, any closer to knowing an opening date?

    • Rhydgaled

      Not hard to make 158s a more regular feature at Fishguard than at present, in fact I think there are only 158s in Pembrokeshire at weekends (unless a 175 fails and they manage to find a 158 to take over rather than a 150), and even then only on the Milford Haven branch. While having a 158 on the 16:04 off Cardiff would be great, one on the daytime boat train would be better still.

      I’ll be sad to see the back of the nice smart blue & silver livery, but the 158s did need refurbishment.

  4. Swansea Jack

    DBJ – May 14th seems to be the date for services to start – still awaiting confirmation of the official opening ceremony date though…..

  5. Rhydgaled

    Talking of signs, I’ve just been from Fishguard to Swansea and back and was horrified to discover that, as well as the fence blocking the view of the new building one of the station nameboards is also obscuring it. One of the workmen there believed the station would be openning May 14th too.

    I took the 08:04 (the only morning service accessible by public transport from north of Newport, unless you wait around 2hours in Fishguard) and there seemed to be at least 6 others boarding. Arrival in Swansea at 09:48 gave me 1hr 50mins in Swansea, some of which was spent admiring the much improved refurbished station (not quite finished yet) before boarding the 11:38 to Carmarthen (which I left at Llanelli to pick up the boat train, the last train of the day that can get you north of Newport by public transport if you don’t want to go to Haverfordwest or endure a Carmarthen – Cardigan bus).

  6. Swansea Jack

    Timetables from May 14th are now on National Rail Enquiries. (Fishguard &) Goodwick appears in the times from May14th, and the daytime boat train and the 01:50 have times to stop there too.

    There were around 18 on the 18:29 arrival this evening with around 6 on the later arrival. Two of us were on the 20:50 back East.

    • Spad

      More info please, Swansea Jack. We’ve followed your tip and visited National Rail Enquiries, Arriva TW, and even, and can find no trace of Fishguard and Goodwick,FGW, or anything else between Clarby and the Harbour. More clues/url/search terms please – what are you finding and how are you finding it?

  7. DBJ

    So maybe the re-building of the original station was to satisfy the listed building status, and they always intended passenger faculties to be a bus shelter. If you think about it logically the county town of Haverfordwest is only manned in the mornings, selling tickets to more passengers travelling on a greater number of services, so our dreams of the new building being a properly working station may have been a step too far. They may offer it to a private ticket agency however, as at Milford station. I was at H’west station this morning, and the clerk there knew about F&G but it was not on his computer system, so well done Swansea Jack! I also noticed ATW have installed a ticket machine also, are they being rolled out across Pembs now?

  8. Rhydgaled

    Interesting. National rail enquires doesn’t find any stations if you type FGW in the search box, but if you ask it to show calling points on the service FGW is indeed mentioned (but not, it would appear, for the night boat train).

    DBJ – You are correct that the new building is almost certainly due to the conservation area rules. However the whole point of the conservation area rules is to preserve character and attractiveness, sticking an Arriva platform sign and a fence in front of the new building undermines the effort to restore the character that was lost when the original building was demolished.

    I never thought we would have a ticket office, but creating an intergrated public transport network in south/mid west Wales (Aberystwyth to St. Davids) that is attractive to use is not going to be possible without waiting rooms going in at some of the connection points. Since we are getting a building at Fishguard & Goodwick, that would be an ideal point for a waiting room, if we don’t get one then the buses still need to go to the harbour where the facilities are.

  9. Rhydgaled

    I’ve gone through the daytime trains with the East Coast journey planner and uploaded the times on my testing webspace here:

    I think I’ve copied the times down correctly but I’m not going to guarantee it.

  10. Swansea Jack

    Spad – to get the Goodwick times you need to get trains to / from the Harbour on and once done you need to click the i in a circle ‘the info’ button. If you than click on ‘show all calling points’ you’ll find the times for FGW (Goodwick). Remember to ensure the date is May 14th or beyond. You’ll notice that the Sunday trains don’t have times for Goodwick and the 23:59 Swansea to Fishguard Hbr arriving at 01:27 stops at Goodwick on a Saturday night, but not on Sundays to Fridays.

    I would say that FGW for (Fishguard &) Goodwick will work only from May 14th. At least we can get the times now though!!

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