Nothing against Trecwn, but …

bus shelter at Trecwn

when's the next passenger?

We’ve nothing against Trecwn (population 350), but if you regularly take the 412 on its 33 mile route between Cardigan, Fishguard and Haverforwest, you’re going to see quite a lot of this remote Preseli village.

deserted bus stop outside closed RNAD at Trecwn


Once Trecwn bustled with life, around the vast RNAD base. That ended with closure in the early 90s. Today it’s hard to see passenger numbers justify the slow detour through Trecwn, still made by the 412 off its long-distance route.

We wouldn’t mention it, but with regular rail services about to restart at Goodwick after a half century break, if the 412 diverts anywhere, shouldn’t it be diverting to pass the new station at Fishguard and Goodwick?

All but one of Fishguard main bus services pass the station in Goodwick. Not so the 412. It makes one daily visit, but otherwise comes no closer than Fishguard Square, a half hour walk, and very poorly connected by the 410 town bus.

If all 412 trips passed the station, the rail service would be more accessible to everyone up the Pembrokeshire coast as far as Cardigan. The diversion would benefit two thousand Goodwick residents, plus several thousand more north-east of Fishguard.

So a question for Richard Brothers: what is the business case for diverting via Trecwn compared to diverting via Goodwick? And a question for Pembrokeshire County Council: what is the social case for diverting via Trecwn compared to diverting via Goodwick?


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