The Station now arriving …

Fishguard & Goodwick Station works - platform

ready for shoes, boots and bikes

If you haven’t been along Station Road Goodwick lately,  these pictures reveal how rapidly the site is turning into a station.

The platform is largely complete – pavers, tarmac, railing posts and train indicator.




Fishguard & Goodwick Station works - access road

Station approach

The view as you arrive at the station yard.



Fishguard & Goodwick Station works - platform

ready for the trains


FIshguard & Goodwick Station works - opposite side

wrong side of the tracks

FIshguard & Goodwick Station works - brick shed

inside the brick shed


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  1. Rhydgaled

    Despite the well-advanced works at the station, Arriva is still non-commital about when it will open. Thier recent article: says the station is “Estimated to open for train services in May 2012”. Only estimated? With the amount that’s been done so far I’d be supprised if they miss the council’s orriginal projected opening month of March by much, it looks like it will be finished in the first week or two of April. So why are Arriva not definitivly stating a May openning date, why only an estimate?

    I think I have changed my mind over the harbour station, unless I’ve misjudged the suituation, the trains should continue to go there after Fishguard & Goodwick is open and buses should continue to run down there to connect. This is because the way our new station seems to be taking shape suggests it is designed for car-rail interchange only. This will still be a great boost for the trains, as those who have not been pursaded out of their cars and onto rail-connecting buses but have been pursuaded to use trains over their cars will then be able to start using the Fishguard trains.

    However the lack of passenger facilities (one vulgar, draughty, bus shelter) suggest the new station will fail to be the sustainable transport hub we hoped it would be. The harbour station however does have a waiting room facility, vital when trying to link clockface bus services to irregular-interval trains. Such a shame when we have the brick shed, which if roofed should have been able to provide a draft-free waiting shelter which would be much better than the bus shelter and not ruin the setting of the new building as much as that bus shelter does. Even better would be to remove the fence that seperatates the new building from the platform and have a waiting room in there.

  2. Rhydgaled

    Network Rail I’ve just discovered are being rather more definate: “Improvement work to rebuild Fishguard and Goodwick station is nearly completed and passengers will soon be able to enjoy seven trains a day from 14 May 2012.”

    Sounds like May 14th it is, now where’s the new timetable showing the times trains stop? That’s the first day of my university’s exam window, I hope they don’t schedule any exams for me on that day so I can join you at Fishguard & Goodwick’s re-openning.

    • Spad

      Fishguard & Goodwick goes live Monday May 14th. But which trains will call and when? Network Rail tells us “ask Arriva”. Arriva says “details are not finalised yet. Ask us around April 14th.” We will!

  3. Swansea Jack

    Rhydgaled – I think you’ll find that in terms of a single platform, unmanned station Goodwick will be doing well in terms of facilities, with cycle racks, PIS display and adjacent bus sops. Compare that with other stations in Pembrokeshire with a likely similar level of traffic and we are doing well. If you were to turn the brick shed into a nice cosy waiting room you’d likely attract the youngsters who presently loiter around Tesco express on the Parrog. You need also to consider the old covered shelters in Lota Park in Fishguard which had to be removed because of misuse by youngsters a few years back. Unfortunately these days unstaffed locations will suffer from vandalism etc if you were to provide an enclosed space for them to congregate in.

    Hopefully a tenant for the replacement building will be found and the situation may change, and in the longer term the marina development and possible movement of the TIC could change things and mean that there are persons in the station area through the day.

    We are in the fortunate situation of having a choice from May 14th – a new unmanned station in Goodwick, convenient for local facilities, with a free car park and good bus links with accurate, updated information screens and bike racks. If however potential passengers are concerned by the lack of an enclosed waiting room then the Harbour station might be for them.

    I would envisage that the additional trains would all continue to the Harbour station anyway, I have seen no indication of stopping them short like the old NP&F trains via Rosebush used to do at one time. The imoportant issue will be to ensure that a request stop at Goodwick is added to the daytime boat train, and hopefully the night one too. after all if no-one is there then there would be no need to stop anyway.

    We need to be upbeat about the wonderful development at Goodwick station as for the vast majority of potential customers it will be more suitable than the Harbour. In my case it will save me a 10 minute walk each way when I visit people in Goodwick as I plan to do this evening. When you consider the size of some towns in Wales which have unmanned stations without enclosed waiting rooms I think it would be unreasonable to expect anything more than what we are getting at Goodwick.

    I’d expect more definite details on the proposed opening date next week, but any date is likely to remain provisional until the relevant inspections of the completed work have been carried out. That is one thing that hasn’t changed much from the old Board of trade pre-opening inspections back in the Victorian era!!

  4. Rhydgaled

    I agree the new station is very much more convenient for motorists to access the trains and for those who live within walking distance of the station.

    Given the state of government finances, I probablly would not have considered it unreasonable if the council promised to build the replacement wooden structure at the end of the trial period and left the brick shed unroofed. However, since funding has been found for a new building NOW it is disapointing that rail passengers will be left out in the cold rather than benifiting from the full extent of the very welcome investment.

    As you say, there is a waiting facility at the harbour, but if the buses cease to operate there it will be useless. It is only passengers arriving by non-connecting bus (for the purposes of this post, anything longer than 10 minutes = not a connection) (or non-connecting train in the case of my desire to see a waiting room at Whitland) that really need a waiting room. If you arrive early by car, you can stay in it and keep warm. If you live within walking distance, you can walk down to the station with just a few minutes to spare. That is why Fishguard & Goodwick without propper shelter is still such a vast improvement over the harbour station for those two groups of rail passengers. However if you come by bus, you arrive at the station when the bus is timetabled to do so. This could leave you with, say, a 25 minute wait for a train, not unreasonable if you can keep warm but you can’t in a bus shelter in the wind.

    A waiting room in the new building would be the ideal solution to poor or non-existant bus connections, but because of your concerns of vandalism I suggested that the brick shed could provide at least full shelter from wind and rain. In that case, it wouldn’t necessarily be furnised as a ‘nice cosy waiting room’, it could just be a fully enclosed (no draughts) box with park benches inside. Full protection from wind and rain, and dry (WOODEN/PLASIC, not a cold material like metal or concrete) seats to sit on, that should be enough.

    The alternative solution of course is to make ALL buses connect perfectly, but that might not be achivable without ruining aspects of the service for other passengers further along the route (for example I’ve been messing around to design a suggestion for a 405 timetable that connects with 3 of the trains, but I’m not sure if my suggestion would undermine the usefulness of the service for walking the coast path.

    As for the harbour waiting room, while Stena supposedly have 24 hour security it seemed an unstaffed station to me when I used the 09:56 from there and the 17:39 from Cardiff, yet does have a waiting room. The three buildings at Fishguard & Goodwick will all be suseptable to some forms of vandalism anyway, one just hope pepole will be respectfull.


    Perhaps I’ve missed something and I know it’s great to see it all happening but what exactly is the new building going to be used for?

    By the way, congratulations on a great website. only wish that you could have some influence to improve the TWO Heart of Wales Line sites! Awful…..about the only thing that seems to be reported is engineering works which you can pick up from Arriva or NR sites!!!

  6. Anthony

    Seems ATW have decided to cut back the 15:14 Cardiff – Fishgaurd service to Swansea replacing it with a 14:40 Gloucester – Fishguard service departing Cardiff at 16:04 offering a reduction in journey between Cardiff & west wales of up to 26 minutes.

    There will also be an express service to milford haven from cardif at 15:39 which will also call at Pyle.

    the 07:09 Pembroke Dock – Swansea service is extended to Cardiff (so since it arrives into Swansea at 09:15 that it will replace the 05:19 Shrewsbury – Cardiff heart of wales line service?)

    • Rhydgaled

      Is the May 2012 timetable available somewhere now then, I can’t find it on the ATW website?

      And Gloucester – Fishguard? Does that mean they are cutting Maesteg/Cardiff – Cheltenhams back to Gloucester (which I think I read somewhere was all they are required to do in the franchise, not sure if that’s true though).

  7. Anthony

    No I think the 14:40 is teh only 1 they have cut back to Gloucester. The Gloucester – Cheltenham extension was done commercially and as a way to eliminate the long turnaround trains had at Gloucester as well as providing a 3rd train per hour between Gloucester & Cheltenham.

    UK railforums had a thread which had the information.

    ATW have been slow over the last few years to publish the timetables online. When they 1st started the franchise the timetables were available about 6 weeks before the timetable change.

  8. Swansea Jack

    Great progress down at the station today – the roof is going onto both the new building and the old brick shed. Similarly there are boards going onto the walls of the new building. It looks as if the strucures will be finished in a few days at this rate, so not much left to do now other than the street light heads and cutting the ribbon.

    We get all of the trains calling at the station on their way to / from the Harbour from May 14th and good to see that the pavements and cycle ways around the area are being improved too.

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