Raising the roof on St David’s Day

roofing works at Fishguard & Goodwick Station

roof trusses - car park side

The pictures speak for themselves: Fishguard & Goodwick Station is rapidly becoming a reality. St David’s Day saw completion of the roof trusses on the rebuilt station building. And both the station and the brick shed are on course to be re-roofed in the next few weeks.

scaffolding around the roof works

connecting two buildings

Predictions that the main site works will be complete in March are looking increasingly credible. The works, all visible from Station Road in Goodwick, are proceeding rapidly on all parts of the site. The pattern of roof trusses shows that a canopy will extend beyond the station building on both the car park and platform sides. The rebuilt station building is very close indeed to the brick shed, suggesting that in future the two buildings may be connected. At the far end of the platform, a platform end railing has been installed. And special pavers are in place at the platform edge.

staton works and platform

the traditional angle

This view of the works is worth comparing with many taken from the same angle over past weeks months and years – just browse back through previous posts here on Fishguard Trains. It looks like Goodwick has its second Phoenix building.


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3 Responses to Raising the roof on St David’s Day

  1. Swansea Jack

    Platform has now been resurfaced with tarmacadam behind the tactile pavers. The fence-posts are in which de-lineate between the NR platform and the PCC owned yard and building. The building has its first roofing layer on, the walls are similar. Looking forward to the cream lapped boards for the walls and the corrugated roof now. I wonder if some chocolate paint will appear to match the cream to give an authentic GWR or BR(W) feel to the station?

    It is really all starting to come together now and the contractors and the designers have come up with a really good design – one which meets modern design requirements while maintaining the heritage era feel of the place. I have to say the replacement building with those canopy overhangs front and back really have captured the feel of the old place.

    Not only is Goodwick going to return to the rail network but it will do so in some fine style.

    Wonderful! wonderful!!

    • Spad

      See Fishguard Trains’ photo report on the latest works at The Station now arriving …

    • Rhydgaled

      One of my many hopes for the station was a nameboard in chocolate & cream, or white-on-black (like the rather heavily weathered one at the end of Aberystwyth’s platform). Are the designs available to look at anywhere as it is hard to tell much detail from the pictures at the moment?

      Did the old building once have a canopy on both sides and not just the rail side then? From what’s there at the moment, it certainly looks promisingly traditional, but a corrugated roof? Surely not. Unless of course you are referring to the roof for the brick shed or it is painted grey to look like the corrugated sheeting that once roofed the brick shed and still roofs the building on the harbour side of station hill which looks like it was built in a similar way to the old station building.

      The new pictures on ‘The station now arriving’ seem to indicate however that there will not be direct access from the building to the platform, with the new fence blocking the way. If this is the case it is a big mistake as it probably will look wrong and impeed the use of the building as a waiting room or a tourist information welcoming passengers off the train.

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