ADFER Abergwaun ac Wdig RESTORED Fishguard & Goodwick

Fishguard & Goodwick Station in 2007

Then, AND now

The much-loved timber station at Fishguard & Goodwick is being restored. That’s the welcome news revealed today by Fishguard Trains.

Demolished last year as it reached the point of collapse, the building was a genuine piece of local heritage. But while there was no chance to save the dangerously dilapidated traditional clapboard building, work is well under way on site to rebuild a worthy successor.

work proceeding on restoring the former station

restoration under way

The foundations have gone in, complete with phone lines, power and services, and during March we’ll see a timber clapboard building being rebuilt. It will have a canopy on both sides, and have the potential to link up to the adjacent brick shed which is being repaired and refurbished at the same time.

The news will be a very welcome surprise to many who lamented the loss of the former station building. Fishguard & Goodwick was the original terminus of the main line west to Fishguard Harbour, and this characterful building, disused for half a century, was a physical link with an important part of our history. The return of a suitable successor opens the way for many possible uses, and there will be no lack of ideas and proposals for the station – heritage – tourism – cafe  – information centre – cycle hire – guided tour base – paper shop – even a privately-run ticket office (they do exist) – everyone will have their favourite ideas.

foundations for station and shelter

station in foreground, shelter behind

One thing it won’t be to begin with is the station shelter. That is being built, bus shelter style, further along the platform past the train indicator panel. Attached to the platform shelter will be a cycle shelter, and that points to another innovation at Fishguard & Goodwick: National Cycle Network Routes 4, 47 and 82 currently terminate at the Harbour roundabout. Now they will extend right into the station yard and up to the platform cycle shelter. Joined-up planning!

car park area at station

opening soon

Car parking is one of the most welcome features of the development. Initially there will be 23 spaces, including disabled slots, with huge potential for expansion. Both the platform and the car park will be well-lit (something that passengers who have changed at gloomy Clarbeston Road will appreciate). Initially there won’t be any CCTV, but this will be kept under review.

To accompany all this development, there will be signs of every kind, starting with four Abergwaun ac Wdig – Fishguard & Goodwick – Croeso – Welcome signs on the platform. More detail on signage in forthcoming stories.

All this work is due for completion by the end of March. That is not to say that trains will be calling at Fishguard & Goodwick from April 1st. Our money is still on May 14th, but we hope to report more on that in the coming days.


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