New Pembrokeshire Path

new footpath at Goodwick station

One small step ...

Compared to the magnificent 186-mile Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Pembroke-shire’s newest path barely reaches 186 feet – but it’s still a very fine Christmas present for Fishguard and Goodwick.

new path at Goodwick station

connecting link

Completed in the last few days before the holidays, the path is only a few steps long, but it’s one giant step towards reconnecting Fishguard to the world of public transport. Starting from the layby next to Fishguard Harbour roundabout, where buses will call in future, it heads straight to the new station at Goodwick.

From March, bus passengers, shoppers, walkers, cyclists, students, visitors and local people will all be using this newly laid path to reach our newly-running trains. Your journey of thirty miles or a thousand will start on this tarmac.

car park works

clearing the decks

And there’s also visible progress for car drivers. Inside the station yard, the mountain of ballast has been largely removed (shipped off to be welcomed by the Gwili Railway), barriers have gone up to define the works area, and there are the signs of a park-and-ride car park in the making.




sunset over Goodwick station

bright prospect

Fishguard Trains has reported all the developments through 2011 – both welcome and less than welcome – and we’ll be here next year to continue coverage. Thanks for taking part, and we look forward to sharing the journey for an exciting new year of transport improvements in north Pembrokeshire.

Nadolig Llawen!

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