Lines west closed after train hits hay lorry

lorry hit by train near Whitland

police photo

A level crossing between Clunderwen and Whitland was the scene of a crash this morning between a lorry with a hay trailer and an eastbound train.

The train, the 9:08 from Milford to Manchester, was approaching Whitland at around 9:44. Despite emergency braking, it hit the lorry, which was reported to be stationary on the tracks at the crossing. The lorry driver, said to be from Llanboidy, has been arrested. The train was busy, and three people are reported injured and have been taken to hospital. The train was not derailed, though it pushed the vehicle some way along the tracks after impact.

The Milford and Fishguard lines are closed until further notice, with Arriva terminating and starting services at Carmarthen, and rail replacement buses serving stations to/from Fishguard and Milford. Tonight Arriva reports “An estimate for the resumption of normal services will be provided as soon as the problem has been fully assessed. Road transport is in place from Carmarthen – Milford Haven/Fishguard and vice versa.” However the Carmarthen to Pembroke Dock branch is running normally.

night after crash near Whitland

line still closed

Fishguard Trains advises anyone travelling on Tuesday 20th to check the Arriva LIVE SERVICE INFORMATION link here for details of how each service is affected.

The 9:08 Milford train does not have a timetabled connecting service from Fishguard. This morning it would have been preceded through Whitland by the 8:04 from Fishguard to Manchester, the last eastbound service just an hour before the crash.

UPDATE Tuesday December 20th 13:25

Services through Whitland remain suspended. Arriva is providing a bus replacement service westwards from Carmarthen. There is also a shuttle train service between Clarbeston Road and Milford. Keep checking the Arriva LIVE SERVICE INFORMATION link for the latest news.

UPDATE 15:34

National Rail Enquiries is confirming that “until further notice” a shuttle train service is running between Clarbeston Road and Milford, and buses replace trains between Carmarthen, Fishguard and Haverfordwest. All Pembrokeshire to Manchester trains are retimed. For travellers to Ireland, “every effort will be made to make sure that passengers will make connections onto ferries from Fishguard Harbour to Rosslare.”

UPDATE 21:08

Network Rail is planning to reopen the line for a full service from Wednesday 21st.

Buses replaced trains between Carmarthen, Fishguard and Haverfordwest all today (Tuesday) as Network Rail used a crane to remove both lorry and train from the line.  It now appears that seven people suffered minor injuries in the crash on Monday morning. We wish them all a speedy recovery in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, is reporting Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service saying it appeared that a barrier had come down on the lorry just before the collision at Llanboidy automatic half barrier crossing.

As far as Fishguard Trains can find out, a normal train timetable is running starting from tonight’s boat train, departing Fishguard at 1:50. But as ever, check the live service information link before travelling.


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2 Responses to Lines west closed after train hits hay lorry

  1. Rhydgaled

    So is the line is still blocked in both directions? If so, I assume the shuttle train service between Clarbeston Road and Milford Haven is formed of the unit that would have run the 09:56 from Fishguard which, since you say the crash happened about 09:44, I assume has been trapped west of Whitland. How long until it runs out of fuel if they can’t get the line clear? The nearest ATW fueling point is Cardiff I believe, although they occasionally might be allowed to use FGW’s facility at Swansea in an emergency.

  2. Anthony

    I am not sure if the westbound line has been cleared now but if it is I suppose a single unit will be able to work wrong line between Claberston Road & Whitland if it needs to.

    Hopefully ATW will be able to find a way to fuel the unit if the line is going to be closed for a bit.

    I wish the passenegers and crew who were injured a speedy recovery and hope they can get 175002 repaired and back in service as soon as they can.

    I think we can all be greatful that this accident wasn’t a lot worse as it seems 175002 stood up against the impact pretty well however we dont know the damage that has been done to the under carriage

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