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New trains from Fishguard  – great news in town, but what if you live in Dinas, Mathry, St Davids or Eglwyswrw? You’d like to use the new trains, and we’d all like to see you on them – we need every new passenger we can get.

Yes, you could drive to the terminus, but what if there’s no car or lift handy? Will your local bus connect? You don’t want to wait on a draughty platform for half and hour … an hour … or more …

That’s why one of the most important timetables fishguardtrains.info will be publishing is Rail/bus connections.

Bus countdown indicator on trial in Fishguard

Counting down the next bus

This timetable will not only show how you can travel from your village (or city) to the world by public transport, it will also point out how and when you can’t. And of course we’ll suggest ways to change times to make more trips possible.

To be fair to the planners, it won’t be easy. It has taken many years for the 412 to connect to trains at Haverfordwest. That job isn’t helped when the railway timetable changes. Now if the 412 is not only retimed but rerouted to meet trains at Fishguard, the knock-on could be worse connections at Haverfordwest.

We might not be bothered in Fishguard, with our very own trains. But they might not be thrilled in Letterston.

It’s going to be a juggle. Watch this space!


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