Fixing the Goodwick gap

Goodwick Station showing the wide gap to the track

Mind the Gap

Goodwick Station on track to reopen early next year – that’s the increasingly positive message coming from County Hall.

It’s no secret that Pembrokeshire County Council, Network Rail and Arriva have been working since the summer to reopen the town centre station, seen as a vital component of the new rail service. What is new is the increasing confidence with which the project is now being discussed.

Four rebuilding options were originally considered before the current preferred option was selected: to re-lay the track adjacent to the existing platform. This photograph shows just why that’s needed. No amount of Mind the Gap warnings would get passengers safely across the alarming chasm which opened up when the track was relaid years after the station closed. Rather than rebuild the platform or other options, the firm plan now is to relay the track to bring it back to the platform. That will require several hundred meters of track either side of the station to be relaid, as well as a tidying up of the platform and improvements to the car park. All this is now subject of a joint project between the County, Network Rail and Arriva, with Pembrokeshire commissioning the works.

Answering Fishguard Trains’ question about finance for the project, we were told: We wouldn’t have developed the project this far unless we had finance – although that upbeat assessment comes with a note of caution: There are still processes to be gone through. Hopefully not involving the Greek government.

On the vital question of when this is to happen, we are now told: the early months of 2012. Fishguard Trains commented It sounds very positive. The reply: Yes, the only hesitation is you never know what will crop up. Right now it looks very positive. And all the main bodies involved want this to succeed.

And so say all of us.


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