Timetables? Wales 1, England 0

After celebrating Welsh victories over Samoa, Namibia, Fiji and Ireland, spare time for another small celebration: Fishguard train times are finally being displayed correctly at Cardiff Central.

Fishguard Trains first reported on September 14th that timetables on display at the busiest station in Wales (and no doubt at all other stations in Wales) had no less than three mistakes, including the complete omission of one of our precious new through trains from Cardiff to Fishguard.

A week later on September 20th we invited an Arriva official at Cardiff Central to see the mistakes for himself.

Two days later, the wrong times were still on display.

timetable at Cardiff Central showing correct times

Sticky times

Finally on October 4th, we noticed this sticky label has been fixed to the timetables – displaying for the first time the correct, full timetable to Fishguard.

It only took three weeks.

But don’t get carried away with enthusiasm. On the same day at Paddington, one of Britain’s busiest stations, Fishguard Trains found the times displayed for our service have not been updated in any way since the new service began. The only trains shown are just the two former boat trains. No mention of the connecting services from Paddington that leave at 12:45 and 15:15.

This performance by the rail industry is lamentable. It may not matter to important rail planners in big cities, but to us in Fishguard it could mean the difference between a sustainable service and a failing service.


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