Clarbeston Clarification

railway worker changing the points

changing the points

Eye on the detail

No apologies for returning to the Clarbeston Question: it matters to everyone who has to change there using four of our ten new daily trains.

We have Arriva’s reply to our request for their policy on holding trains when connections are delayed. The reply is detailed, helpful, and worth quoting in full:

“Our approach to connections is a sensible one which considers the majority of our customers and the circumstances which apply at a point in time. If we can hold for a few minutes without compromising the need of the majority and punctuality, then we will.

Our Controllers have extensive experience of making judgements quickly and will implement appropriate contingencies for those customers who have failed to meet their connections through no fault of their own. It is impossible to have a prescriptive contingency for every eventuality but I certainly have every faith in our Control to make the right decisions for customer service and welfare if anything were to happen. For ATW, it is therefore imperative that we keep our eye on the detail and manage resources in an effective way to ensure that reliability is assured.

Trusting this helps.”

The phrase which catches our attention is – “imperative that we keep our eye on the detail”. That rings a big bell with us here at Fishguard Trains, because that’s how we understand the passengers’ viewpoint. The success or otherwise of this new service depends on the detailed experience of each and every passenger. Tempting people out of their cars is tough; doing so when our new service has admitted shortcomings is harder. Each good travel experience is a bonus, and each failure threatens to undermine public confidence.

So our best wishes to Arriva’s Controllers as they keep their eyes on the detail.


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