Arriva and Clarbeston Road

an empty station at Clarbeston Road

Clarbeston awaits

Clarbeston Road is to receive “updated and reliable customer information equipment and systems”.

That’s the good news Arriva Trains Wales has given Fishguard Trains in response to our concerns about the lack of train information at the halt. This week saw Clarbeston Road become a key interchange for Fishguard’s new train service. The absence of train information at the station, coupled with its position in a mobile phone black spot, makes changing trains there an uncertain and potentially stressful business.

Arriva’s Michael Vaughan has now told us that they are “confident that we will have secured further funding by the end of this year for CIS replacement for another large tranche of stations and this will include both Clarbeston Road and Clunderwen.”

As to when the vital equipment will appear, the news is less good: subject to confirmation of funding, installation will take place “between April 2012 and March 2013”. Fishguard’s experimental three-year service could be half way over by the time passengers see any live train information at Clarbeston Road. Let’s hope that Arriva sees the urgency, and installs the system this coming April.

Meanwhile guards on Arriva’s services in west Wales this week are suggesting that connecting trains might wait at Clarbeston Road for a certain period for a delayed connection – timings are not so critical in our region that drivers couldn’t wait.

Well, that’s good to know, but it hardly amounts to a clear policy. So Fishguard Trains has asked Arriva for a clear explanation of their policy on holding trains at Clarbeston Road. Does the same policy hold in both directions, and does it apply both to shuttle trains to Fishguard and to trains running the Milford to Manchester service?

We’ll let you know.

UPDATE September 15th

See Arriva’s policy – Clarbeston Clarification

(And thanks to Fishguard Trains regular Paul for raising the issue of holding connections)



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