WEATHER FORECAST: Wild Westerlies for Launch Day

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Great Western

If you want to know the way the wind’s blowing, just follow the trains! A fierce Atlantic Gale will pursue the first new trains out of Fishguard just hours from now. Weather forecasters are predicting westerlies averaging 26mph for the early departures at 0653 and 0804, with the gale strengthening through the morning to an average 32mph by the lunchtime train at 1330. The sort of wind that has headline writers reaching for their superlatives, but which we in Fishguard take in our stride. If we couldn’t cope with a bit of breeze, we wouldn’t live on Wales’ Atlantic coast.

So after less than six months of planning, consultation and debate,  a new transport era opens for Fishguard. This website, Fishguard Trains, has followed and reported it all as it happened – and sometimes we’ve led the debate. And it is in large measure down to you, our many thousands of readers, visitors and contributors.

Spad and the team thank you all, both the silent readers and our commenters, occasional and regular, querying and authoritative, your names a delicious mix of the familiar, strange and magical. So would all our highly informed and questioning contributors please now take a bow: Paul, Rhydgaled, Swansea Jack, Penfro grease monkey, Constance, Blocking Back, Andrew Tweed, Moira Lewis, Sarah, Glen, Rambutan, Scott, Anthony, Sandeep, Annie Paine, Dafydd Williams, Maureen Bennett, Ceridwen, John Crump, Ian Burnley, Harry Boggis-Rolfe, Jeff Rogers, Pam Morgan, John Davies, Jeremy Martineau, James Stewart, Brian John, Phillip Nicholas, Margaret Hawkes, Vicky, Henry Hannon, Epro, and Henry S Lewis.

We’ve collectively used the power of the web to inform and stimulate public debate and understanding, to contribute to our local and Welsh democracy. We’ve had a hand in the shaping of our community.

Which is why Fishguard Trains, launched on April 4th, only days after the new service was announced by Welsh Government, is carrying on – our work has hardly begun. And with the west wind behind us, we can take it wherever it needs to go.

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