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just in time

A new permanent page has appeared here at Fishguard Trains: TIMETABLES.

Check the link above for a growing set of timetables covering the new service and its connections. The first two are ready for use, on screen or printed out.

Of course, mention of connections highlights the alarming lack of connections for the new service, due to start in less than 23 days. There is still no announcement of a reopening date for Goodwick Station, and any bus connections are a hit-and-miss affair.

There is however one significant change to Fishguard buses: the loss in October of the evening 410 Town Service, which could have connected with incoming trains from Cardiff and elsewhere. Is this what they mean by an integrated transport policy?

Fishguard Trains is of course campaigning for all local bus routes and times to be revised to connect with trains, and with each other. Keep checking in for news.

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