Policy 80

Pembrokeshire County Council's published Policy 80

Policy 80

Demolition of Goodwick Station would be unlawful, unless detailed plans for a replacement station are approved.

That is the clear implication of Pembrokeshire County Council’s Policy 80 on the Demolition of Unlisted Buildings in Conservation Areas. Goodwick Station stands in its own dedicated extension of the Goodwick Conservation Area. There are currently no approved plans for a new station in Goodwick. Therefore if demolition goes ahead before such plans are approved, Pembrokeshire will be in breach of its own policy, and will be acting unlawfully.

Fishguard Trains today asked Pembrokeshire’s Planners how they intend to implement Policy 80 in relation to the station. No reply yet. County Hall says “they aim to get back to you within five days”.

Spad wonders if that’s enough time to demolish the station and cart it away.


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3 Responses to Policy 80

  1. Rhydgaled

    Is the council breaching its own policy actually unlawful, or is it a moral / trust in councilers issue?

    Either way, I note the use of the word AND in the policy 80 image. I take this as meaning; for demolition to take place both critera must be met. Therefore, even if proposals for the site are approved, I think demolition would still be in breach of policy because the side of the building facing the platform does make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area. Also, the ruined side of the building which might presently be considered to make a negative contribution to the appearance of the area is hidden by all that vegatation, so it doesn’t make a negative contribution. Unless the side facing the platform also colapses they cannot demolish the building without breaching their own policy.

    • Spad

      “The demolition of an unlisted building in a conservation area, without the consent of the local planning authority is a criminal offence” (see Guidance Note for demolition in conservation areas at Planning Portal.)
      Policy 80 is our local authority’s policy on issuing such consent. If Pembrokeshire gave consent (to itself) to demolish in breach of its own Policy 80, would that be a criminal offence? Good question. Any ideas?
      By the way, Fishguard Trains asked to speak to a Conservation Officer last Monday. We’re still waiting.

  2. Swansea Jack

    So you’re trying to delay any reopening for Goodwick now then. The building is unfortunately a basket case in its present condition, and there is no potential use for it in-situ when the station reopens.

    The big picture is that we:
    a) need Goodwick station reopened ASAP,
    b) there is a distinct lack of spare capital projects cash around – the Welsh Education secretary was noting earlier how his capital programme had been cut by 43%!!
    c) there is no need for a waiting room / ticket office type structure at Goodwick
    d) do we really wish to advertise our new service via a fenced off building, pushing the station further away from the road where it should provide good publicity.

    I would really like to see the building saved for posterity, but Scolton Manor have shown absolutely no interest whatsoever over the last few months in trying to save as much of the existing structure as possible. They have been contacted months ago but cannot even bother to reply!!! I’d direct your concerns in their direction – there is no future for the building in a reopened station, much as we would wish there to be!!

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