Policy 80

Pembrokeshire County Council's published Policy 80

Policy 80

Demolition of Goodwick Station would be unlawful, unless detailed plans for a replacement station are approved.

That is the clear implication of Pembrokeshire County Council’s Policy 80 on the Demolition of Unlisted Buildings in Conservation Areas. Goodwick Station stands in its own dedicated extension of the Goodwick Conservation Area. There are currently no approved plans for a new station in Goodwick. Therefore if demolition goes ahead before such plans are approved, Pembrokeshire will be in breach of its own policy, and will be acting unlawfully.

Fishguard Trains today asked Pembrokeshire’s Planners how they intend to implement Policy 80 in relation to the station. No reply yet. County Hall says “they aim to get back to you within five days”.

Spad wonders if that’s enough time to demolish the station and cart it away.


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