A Danger to the General Public

interior of a derelict Goodwick Station building


“It has been disused for a considerable number of years and the elements have taken their toll. It is not in a condition to be repaired and is now a danger to the general public.” With these words, Pembrokeshire CC’s Deputy Leader Jamie Adams has now sealed the fate of Goodwick’s historic station.

When workmen arrive soon at the town’s station, it won’t be to open the new station everyone’s calling for, but to demolish the old one.

Opened on August 1st 1899, the station will fall just before its 112th birthday. We’re losing a distinctive part of our history (and a key part of Goodwick’s Conservation Area). Now we’re awaiting the feasibility report into reopening to know whether this is the end of the line for a town centre rail service, or a sign of better things to come.

Fishguard Trains says – if they’re worried about the public danger from a historic station whose owners let it decay, we hope they’re even more concerned about the threat to a new rail service that lacks a proper terminus.


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