2,000 human visits – and counting

Today, June 17th. at a quarter past four, Fishguard Trains recorded the 2,000th “human visit” to our website. A real milestone, especially on the closing day of  the Welsh Government consultation on the new train service (you HAVE responded haven’t you?).

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Some more statistics: since we launched this public service website on April 4th, hard on the heels of Ieuan Wyn Jones’ surprise announcement, we have recorded 4,854 total hits – that includes web search engines like Google going about their web-crawling business. Of course visitors make repeat visits, so it is also worth knowing that so far in June alone we have had visits from 323 unique addresses. The population of Fishguard & Goodwick is 5,043.

Totals are not the whole story. There’s the way visitors use the site – is it one click, then off somewhere else more interesting, or stay, read, and browse deep into the site? Our average number of pages viewed per visit is 3.14. That means on average, every visitor looks at three pages of Fishguard Trains on every visit.

And then there’s the statistic we can all see – the number of visitors who contribute their time, thoughts and ideas to the site in the form of Comments. We have enjoyed contributions from travellers who just want to get from A to B at the right time; and from railway industry experts whose technical knowledge is daunting and impressive. Thanks to all of you! With your involvement, Fishguard Trains has become what we hoped: a public place for information, discussion, debate, and a bit of entertainment too.

As Swansea Jack commented yesterday, this is a process, not an event. We’re here for the long haul. With the consultation closed, we’ll now monitor progress towards the service launch on September 12th, and bring the latest news and stories behind the news. We’ll be campaigning for the development that 5,043 of us know is required – the reopening of Goodwick Station. Not sometime next year, but immediately.

As soon as the rail timetable is confirmed we’ll be exploring the bus link question, to make the rail service accessible to all of North Pembrokeshire. We’ll be pressing for real-time rail information in Fishguard town centre. In September we’ll be on hand for the launch of the service, and open for all your ideas on marketing the service in Fishguard and to the world. In 2012 we’ll be marking the centenary of the Swansea District Line with a campaign to use the express route as the basis for a high speed service between Cardiff and all of west Wales.

So stay in touch, check in often, and share your thoughts. Let’s make this the most successful rail reopening in Wales.


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4 Responses to 2,000 human visits – and counting

  1. Sandeep

    I think this is a great website and train travel is the way forward! it is far more friendlier for the environment and it enhances the experience.

    I am looking to travel across from Europe and I have been using http://www.raileurope.co.uk as I found it offers a wide range of train tickets.

  2. Swansea Jack

    Agreed. I also tend to look at http://www.seat61.com/ which not only gives train times and prices or ways in which to purchase said tickets but also gives advice about routes, things of interest, interesting scenic routes etc.

    As someone who has InterRailed around Europe it is a wonderful way to properly discover the joys of travel!

    Enjoy travelling!

  3. Swansea Jack

    I think he puts things rather well on the seat61 site, about IE and the Rosslare connections…..

    “Rosslare Europort is linked by train to Wexford, Wicklow & Dublin. They’ve stupidly moved the platform away from the ferry terminal, and it’s now a 5 minute walk from the terminal building. Check Irish train times at http://www.irishrail.ie. Rosslare to Wexford & Dublin buses are operated by Bus Eireann, check times & fares at http://www.buseireann.ie.
    The Waterford connection: Sadly, the Rosslare-Waterford railway was closed in September 2010, and is now the ‘missing link’ in the Irish rail network. You unfortunately now need to travel by bus. Arriving at Rosslare Europort on the afternoon ferry, a bus leaves from outside Rosslare ferry terminal doors at 19:00 daily, arriving Waterford 20:20. Arriving at Rosslare on the overnight ferry, a bus leaves from outside Rosslare ferry terminal doors at 07:00 on Mondays-Saturdays or 07:15 on Sundays, arriving at Waterford bus station at 08:45. In the other direction, a bus leaves Waterford bus station at 07:00 daily, arriving Rosslare Europort ferry terminal at 08:25, in time for the 09:00 ferry. In the evening, a bus leaves Waterford bus station at 19:30 daily arriving Rosslare Europort ferry terminal at 20:50, in time for the evening ferry.

    I despair of the lack of forward planning sometimes. The link from the ‘new’ Rosslare station from the Ferry Terminal (built as an integrated transport hub using EU money by the way!) is rather poor. You’d think that IE wouldn’t want to encourage rail sail passengers! Meanwhile, after many years they will now provide connections from Dublin for the first time in years!

    The loss of the Waterford rail link means I doubt Kilkenny will a day trip destination for me any more, but at least now Dublin is possible using the overnight ferry out and the evening sailing back (well from when the IE train times change anyway!).

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