Briefing: brief delay!

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Last Wednesday June 8th, Fishguard Trains promised:“next Monday June 13th, we will publish a definitive guide to the issues. The briefing will give you the information you need to make your views heard down the line in Cardiff Bay.”

The same day we asked the Welsh Government Rail Unit a series of questions arising from the lively discussions that we’ve seen here in the last few months.

Amongst several topics, we want to understand the planning behind the proposed timetable – can that explain both its strengths and its weaknesses; what alternatives have been considered for the unsatisfactory early morning westbound services; was the afternoon service gap seen as a problem; why the long-distance connections in the planned timetable have been so under-stated; what responsibility Welsh Government would take for the Goodwick Station reopening question; how concerned they were about the use of Fishguard Harbour in the meantime; and what was the timescale for the next few months.

With only days to the end of the consultation, we have yet to receive answers. Another approach at the same time to Arriva Trains Wales was fielded by referring us to the Welsh Government for all questions on the consultation.

We’ll keep pressing for answers, and have delayed publishing The Briefing for 24 hours. But with time running out, Fishguard Trains hopes that replies will come in time to make the government’s public consultation more than a paper exercise.



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  1. annie paine

    Unfortunately a message about this got put in my junk email, and because I don’t see emails that often, I missed it, and missed the consultation. can I still do anything? I use the exisitng service, but boy oh boy, it could be so much easier than it is. Going west from Cardiff is ok, but I don’t trust the bus to get me to Goodwick Harbour in time for the trip east!

    • Spad

      Too bad you missed the consultation – but why not tell the Rail Unit in Cardiff what you think anyway? They’re still open for business.
      Trusting the connections is vital. What matters is being able to rely on ALL the links of your end-to-end journey, not just the separate bits of it.
      So once a final timetable is published we’ll be looking very closely at how our buses connect to make this a service for all of North Pembrokeshire.

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