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Down the line in July

Fishguard Trains’ irregular round-up of news and blogs, on and off the rails WIRE TO THE WEST #1 Heavy transport arriving on Goodwick Station yard. Cranes stacking concrete castings ready for use. Network Rail contractors parked up ready for action. … Continue reading


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Goodwick Station – the next big wind

Behind the rapidly crumbling facade of Goodwick Station, there’s much study and discussion going on, and we’re starting to get hints of possible outcomes. The fate of Goodwick Station, the original terminus of the Fishguard Line, contains two linked challenges: … Continue reading


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The validating process – Network Rail decides

The timetable for Fishguard’s new train service has reached its final hurdle – Network Rail validation. The public consultation on the new service – due to start on September 12th – closed on June 17th. But no timetable can be … Continue reading

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Policy 80

Demolition of Goodwick Station would be unlawful, unless detailed plans for a replacement station are approved. That is the clear implication of Pembrokeshire County Council’s Policy 80 on the Demolition of Unlisted Buildings in Conservation Areas. Goodwick Station stands in … Continue reading


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Fishguard already losing out?

Fishguard’s new rail service could be losing out on valuable ticket sales – and passengers missing travel bargains – because of the delay in publishing our new rail timetable. Alistair Lees, managing director of rail ticketing site (launched in … Continue reading


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A Danger to the General Public

“It has been disused for a considerable number of years and the elements have taken their toll. It is not in a condition to be repaired and is now a danger to the general public.” With these words, Pembrokeshire CC’s … Continue reading


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